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  • Education Special - 2023

    Schools play a pivotal role in shaping individuals and influencing their future paths. Firstly, it provides a structured academic environment, fostering intellectual growth and critical thinking. Quality education equips students with knowledge and skills necessary for their chosen fields, preparing them for the challenges of the professional world. Moreover, a reputable college serves as a hub for diverse experiences, exposing students to various cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. This diversity enhances interpersonal skills and broadens horizons, creating wellrounded individuals capable of navigating a globalized society. Moving forward, a college, with strong ties to industries, facilitates internships and job placements, bridges the gap between academia and real-world...

Education Special - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Gems Education Gems Education Dr. Amrita Vohra, Director - Education An experienced educationist with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry focused in english literature from university of lucknow
Sewah Education Sewah Education Ashwini Dhuppe, Chairperson A veteran in the education and business sector, carrying over 20 years of experience in mentoring entrepreneurs, and young minds, striving for human growth, people development, women empowerment and philanthropy
Early Ventions Preschool And Daycare Early Ventions Preschool And Daycare Chirag Agarwal, Founder Director A passionate committed to providing a nurturing and enriching experience that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and social-emotional development
Vista International School Vista International School Mary Shanti Priya, Principal An inspirational mentor and excellent coach delivering the best education to the children, a competent and result-oriented professional with expertise in administrative tasks in the academic field
Daisy Montessori Preschool And Daycare Daisy Montessori Preschool And Daycare Dr. Mita Sarkar, Founder Director An innovator in early learning excellence with dynamic leadership addressing challenges through innovative curriculum, teacher training and streamlined regulatory processes
Accurate Group Of Institutions Accurate Group Of Institutions Poonam Sharma, Director - Education A professional leader focused in offering quality education, equipped with modern amenities and experienced faculty which caters to learners with a best-in-class environment to learn and grow
 Qurious Lil Mindz International Preschool Qurious Lil Mindz International Preschool Poornima, Founder An educationist holding a degree in early childhood care & education that includes child phycology, also understanding the core values that lay a strong foundation towards the development of a child
Petals Preschool Petals Preschool Preeti Kwatra, Founder & Director A seasoned leader focused in providing with early development of a child and introducing them to structured learning through a systematic and innovative way
Hello Kids   India Hello Kids India Pritam Kumar Agrawal, Founder & CEO A seasoned professional with diversified experience in field of education, with diversified roles possessing with strong leadership and collaborative skills
Mere Nanhe Kadam Pre  School Mere Nanhe Kadam Pre School Vibha Singh, Founder, Director & Principal An accomplished academician, embarked on her educational journey with a profound passion for learning, with specialization lies in preparing children to be academically confident for the competitive entrance exams required for admission to top K-12 schools globally