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  • 10 Most Promising FMCG Distributors GCC - 2024

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10 Most Promising FMCG Distributors GCC - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Al Suds National Al Suds National Shahab Mojabi, Founder & CEO The largest importer of a range of branded food products, distributing all type of foods ready to supply all chain stores, supermarkets, groceries, with skill of selling to over 4,000 wholesalers, traders, hotels, restaurants and cafes
Alghanim Sons Group And ASG Holding Alghanim Sons Group And ASG Holding Adel Y. Alghanim , Group Chairman A strategic FMCG distribution joint venture, able to capitalize on its position as a leader in the hypermarket industry, represents over 50 leading international brands including food products, non food, garments, and more
Aujan Group Holding Aujan Group Holding Abdulla Aujan, Executive Chairman With a deep-rooted pioneering spirit and a wealth of highly relevant experience, diversified holding company, active in a wide range of industries, including FMCG, hospitality & real estate and packaging materials
Bidfood Middle East Bidfood Middle East Hisham Al Jamil, CEO - Middle East A food service distribution company, catering to customers as a wholesale food distributor in a wide range of sectors within the foodservice and catering industries
Deserts & Sands Deserts & Sands Mohammed Al-Raini , General Manager The firm assist brands in the health and beauty industry to grow and expand their market reach through all FMCG channels and across all regions in Saudi Arabia
Emerging World Group Emerging World Group Kartick Kumar Saha, Managing Director A FMCG distributor offering a wide range of products including beverages, confectionary, snacks, diary, spices and culinary & bakery products
Gulf West Gulf West Idris Mustafa, CEO A food importing & distribution company, involved in importing chilled, frozen and ambient food products, serving both foodservice and retail business segments
IKK Group IKK Group Isam Khairi Alkabbani , Founder The company offers various food supplies, ingredients, and high-quality consumer products of high-quality
RSM General Trading RSM General Trading Manju Choudhary, Founder A prominent distribution and trading company in the GCC, excels in providing comprehensive distribution solutions, catering to brands seeking access to various channel categories
Waha Fruits Waha Fruits Bandar AL Arfaj, CEO & Owner The company specialized in importing different types and kinds of fruits and fresh vegetables from their sources to all countries of the world