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10 Most Promising Medical Billing & Coding - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3Gen Consulting 3Gen Consulting Hemant Apte, CEO An organization offering value added healthcare revenue cycle management solutions to clients for performance optimization also provider in medical billing, medical coding, home health & hospice coding
Ascribe Healthcare Solutions Ascribe Healthcare Solutions Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan, Founder & CEO A dynamic global revenue cycle service firm offers end-to-end revenue cycle services including patient demographic entry, charge entry, medical coding, claims transmission and many more
Dr.Billerz Dr.Billerz Sumit Nair, Founder & CEO A prominent company provides medical billing and revenue cycle management solutions, expertise in business outsourcing, medical billing, medical coding, healthcare management, insurance verification and more
EClaimWorks EClaimWorks R. Saravana Santosh, Founder A vibrant company, specializing in medical billing, credentialing, eligibility verification, claim creation, payment reconciliation, coding audits and many more
Medical Billing Wholesalers Medical Billing Wholesalers Vinod Sankaran, Founder & CEO A technology-enabled RCM company providing medical billing, medical coding and business analytics services to providers, practices, facilities, hospitals, EMR companies and billing companies
Quintessence Business Solutions & Services Quintessence Business Solutions & Services Nirmal Kumar Rajachandran, Co-Founder & CEO A prominent RCM services and technology company, specializing in medical billing, medical coding, RCM services, ML based coding & BOT based automation for billing, AR & payment posting
Right Revenue Right Revenue Sijan Chacko, CEO An innovative firm offers medical coding and all related billing services to our clients, including services for medical treatment facilities, hospitals, and other medical offices
Shoreline Medical Billing Services Shoreline Medical Billing Services Vivek Pandian, President A full service medical billing and revenue cycle management business solution for physician practices with over 5+ years of experience in the field
Upscale Healthcare Billing Solutions Upscale Healthcare Billing Solutions Suresh Reddy, CEO A pioneering firm providing solution for health care business process outsourcing companies that offers from medical coding and billing to accounts receivable follow up and denials management
Vardhan Medical Coding Vardhan Medical Coding Sainath Vardhan, Founder & CEO A service provider of hospitals, physicians, and healthcare industry, offers a range of services such as coding & auditing services, medical billing and coding outsourcing services, RCM and more