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  • Spotlight ­ November -­ 2022

    In stressing the force of standard business nature on an organization, businesses are often faced with organizational development issues. Change is constant, and organizations must evolve in order to survive, be successful, and gain a competitive edge over others. Each phase begins with a period of evolution, with steady growth and stability, and ends with a revolutionary period of substantial organizational turmoil and change. Hence, it is wise of businesses today to pave way towards greater growth under the supervision of agile leadership and business adroitness, while complying with the evolving trends and evolutions in the industry. Well, realizing this there are many corporate and business organizations exemplarily displaying their adeptness in business functions, analyzing the...

Spotlight ­ November -­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Zamstars Zamstars Sivaram Kuppachi, CEO Zamstars is your perfect partner to create a compelling brand experience of your business. An experience that is cohesive and consistent across customer acquisition, engagement and retention.
Adwings Consultancy & Solutions Adwings Consultancy & Solutions Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, Founder Director “We have created a tremendous impact on the apparel market, thanks to our designers. We have developed a unique style, reflecting the Indian tradition of craftsmanship on a contemporary canvas.
Advel Communications Advel Communications Vikaas Wahi, Founder & Director Advel Communications began updating and educating its teams with cutting-edge technology and work culture.
Bloom Value India Bloom Value India Dr. Arun Hampapur, Founder & CEO Our solutions combine the provider’s data sources with external data sources and apply AI, Automation and Process Transformation capabilities to create value.
Honeycomb Creative Support Honeycomb Creative Support Noufel A. N., Founder Their evolution as 360-degree marketing communication solutions & services has made it possible to cater to digital marketing needs across industries that include lifestyle corporates, IT companies, SMEs, colleges, art galleries, photographers, and e-commerce companies.
Mancunianz Mancunianz Ashonal Pereira, Co-Founder & CEO Mancunianz helps its clients with all aspects of creative content creation & onward digital platform based marketing. Social media marketing, digital marketing campaigns, content & performance marketing
Schoolmart Schoolmart Vamsi M., CEO One essential thing old-fashioned schools neglect is that ‘kids love to play’. Most people spend their first job slaving away at a local restaurant or department store.
Zaco Computers Zaco Computers Zameer Kazi, Founder & Director On the software front, the company offers customized business server configurations, website development, software & application development along with advanced digital solutions