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  • Spotlight April - 2023

    Businesses Sailing Faster by Keeping Up with Business Trends Business trends are new developments in a market or industry that affect the business environment. These trends refer to new ways on which businesses operate to achieve their desired goals or improve their performance to sail faster from their competitors. Business trends are never a constant, they keep evolving, however keeping updated with the latest business trends can help organizations plan for the future and implement exciting innovations to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.Moving forward be it any industry such as Transportation System Solutions, Digital Marketing, Interior Design, Construction, e-Learning, General Contracting & Trading, Energy, Cloud Services, Sustainable Development,...

Spotlight April - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Wacom India Wacom India Rajiv Malik, Senior Director Wacom display series because it offers versatility, a natural pen touch feel, a high level of colour, & pen accuracy
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aksharaa Corporate Services Aksharaa Corporate Services K. Arvind Kumar, Director We are currently aiming to tap on the right talent pool to provide necessary assistance to our clientele.
Fusion Eventz Fusion Eventz SS Niranjan, Founder, Chairman & CEO We work at a very micro level, breaking down the requirement into bits and pieces, planning it, and then executing it.
Interface Interiors Interface Interiors Rajendra Kumar Kandikonda, Founder & Managing Director Interface Interiors, our aim is to provide the best through the vision of our clients. Professionalism and honesty are top of our list. We collaborate well with our customers which requires good commitment
Webocto Network Webocto Network Suraj Patil, Chief Executive Officer We aim to be a one-stop destination for brands and publishers. Not only this, we have the biggest clan of You Tubers whom we help to monetize their content by providing brand campaigns which make their work one step easier