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  • Spotlight Edition - September - 2022

    In this extensively swelling economy, with the shift from a prime manufacturing nature of business to digitally driven environ, organizations today are faced with prolifically high competitions across industries, and it has become extremely challenging for all to thrive, rather excelling. Thence they are not only keenly diving into understanding their industry’s ecosystem, evolutions and trends for predicting their market strengths, but overcoming challenges are focusing on delivering unique set of prospects relative to their extensive product/services portfolios. No doubt, strong fundamentals and leadership are some of the important fragments in the process to help navigate through the necessarily advancing business world. But businesses & corporate sectors today have been...

Spotlight Edition - September - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Shri Parth Petrochem Shri Parth Petrochem Sandip Patil, Proprietor The company offers fuel oil which is a fraction that is obtained from petroleum distillation and the fuel oil which is offered by Shri Parth Petrochem can be used as boiler fuel, furnace oil, and heating oil.
Aarth Software Aarth Software Phani Ratna Kumar, Founder & CEO Aarth are committed to mature an organization's understanding of data and transform decision making with meaningful insights. The new normal of timely information will not be driven by compliance and operational effectiveness alone.
Aptech Aptech Pritesh Shah, Founder Aptech Ltd. has successfully trained students, professionals, universities & corporates through its two main streams of business - Individual Training and Enterprise Business Group.
 Ara Skin Clinic Ara Skin Clinic Dr. Sonakshi S, Founder Ara Skin Clinic is a center of excellence for overall skin, body and hair care treatment in Bangalore. We are the most trusted dermatology clinic when it comes to skin, body and hair care.
Aragen Life Sciences Aragen Life Sciences Manni Kantipudi, Director & CEO Aragen is a trusted R&D and manufacturing partner to the global life sciences industry. From concept to commercial, we transform your ideas into solutions for better health.
Intellect Partners Intellect Partners Rahul Thukral, Director The Intellectual Property practice at Intellect Partners is recognized as a growing enterprise legal services provider in India. We are a techno-savvy group of engineers, consultants, and attorneys who provide expert services in patent prosecution
Jrew Engineering Jrew Engineering Rohit Grover , Managing Director JREW prides itself in providing high quality engineering solutions dealing in light & medium fabricated and/or precision-machined components that are vital to the functioning of a multitude of machines
Liveon Healthcare Liveon Healthcare Brahmdev Pandey, Founder & MD We are very gratefull to all people who have shown their trust in our quality product and also for those who provided their shoulders for the growth of a company in achieving a current position.
Mandelia Engineering Works (MEW) Mandelia Engineering Works (MEW) Rahul Mandelia, Owner The Indian cutting tools market produces a wide range of tools such as saw blades, taps, reamers, hobs, chasers, broaches, rolling dies, drills, end mills, cutters, burrs, other gear cutting tools, tool bits, tips or inserts and many more.
Syntrans F2F Logistics Syntrans F2F Logistics Suhas Labde, Managing Director Syntrans F2F Logistics is an end-to-end logistics company that is driven by the mission to address these unsettled industry issues through advanced and innovative transport engineering solutions.
Theoly Cosmeceuticals Theoly Cosmeceuticals Kishore Chobhe, Founder The Indian cosmetic market primarily gives its consumers two options to choose from. Users either have to go for imported premium foreign brands, which are very costly, or synthetic Indian brands,