• Prominent Leaders Above 50s
  • Top 10 Prominent Leaders Above 50s - 2024

    Experience-driven Leadership, Future-focused Results The next generation of entrepreneurs and executives are often mentored and inspired by business leaders with decades of experience. Through their mentorship, they pass down invaluable lessons learned from years of experience, helping to shape the future leaders of tomorrow. This goes beyond mere technical expertise, encompassing invaluable traits such as resilience, integrity, and ethical leadership, which are essential for sustainable success in the business world. The importance of prominent business leaders over the age of 50 cannot be underestimated in today's dynamic business landscape. These experienced men, serving as pillars of advice and inspiration for both existing enterprises and emerging undertakings, bring...

Top 10 Prominent Leaders Above 50s - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ecoex Ecoex Akshaya Rath , Co-Founder & CEO Having more than 25 years of experience in various positions, such as ten years in industrial sales and fifteen years in IT, with six years at C-level roles, within a range of organizations
Neurogifted Neurogifted Joel Godi, Founder His background as a social psychologist with over two decades of experience in L&D and psychology enabled services, also he is a renowned neurodiversity activist, consultant, and speaker
Acce Acce Prashanth Prakash, Partner By leveraging his extensive experience in working across diverse industry in leadership roles, he has excelled in angel investing, venture capital, M&A, business strategy, marketing and finance
Indglobal Digital Indglobal Digital Rakesh Dadhich, Founder & CEO In the vast realm of digital innovation, where transformative ideas meet relentless determination, one name shines brightly, that is Rakesh Dadhich.
Gallery Espace Gallery Espace Renu Modi, Founder Director She is specialized in creative services, fundraising, painting, photography, blogging, time management, design, communication and many more
Access India Access India Rohit Guha, Founder & CEO He possesses over three decades in the business of international trade/exports, e-Commerce, and supply chain management of hard and soft line lifestyle products
Helo Health Helo Health Sandeep Bhatia, Founder & Director A passionate innovator with a three-decade career in multi national corporations, his expertise lies in leveraging devices and software to drive transformative change
Trean Digital Trean Digital Sathish Bhaskaran, Founder & Chief Creative Officer A prominent leader with over two decades of experience in varied disciplines in creative industry, he is also specialized in branding & identity, creative direction and many more skills
Project Mumbai Project Mumbai Shishir Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO Having more than three decades of experience in the diverse domains, he is specialized in journalism, content development, time management, marketing and communication
PrimeInvestor PrimeInvestor Srikanth Meenakshi, Co-Founder He possesses over more than three decades experience in the information technology field, and his expertise lies in vendor management, requirement analysis, integration and software development