Ara Skin Clinic: One Stop for Lovely Gleaming Skin & Solid Sleek Hair

  Dr. Sonakshi S,    FounderThe most significant component of the body is the hair and skin. The growing population and rising interest in grooming and skin beautification are also aiding the growth of the Global Hair & Skin Care Market. Modernization is critical to the success of the Hair & Skin Care market. Changing lifestyles and increased health knowledge regarding hair loss, skin infections, and skin illnesses make it critical to assure quality in service delivery.

Ara Skin Clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Sonakshi S. which is intended to create a safe environment for anyone who wants to seek dermatological help. She specializes in providing accurate diagnosis and compassionate treatment for all cosmetic disorders. Because each person is unique, as is their skin type, Ara Skin Clinic customizes treatments for each of its customers in order to personalize their experience.

"By addressing the underlying cause of the problem, I assure that my clients will not return to me with the same issue. Ara Skin Clinic provides a secure haven for those who find it difficult to express their aesthetic issues. Ara encourages you to work on yourself and your self esteem. Its doors are available to anyone who wants to take care of their skin under the supervision of a skilled cosmetologist",says Dr.Sonakshi, Founder at Ara Skin Clinic.

At Ara, one can avail a widest range of objective driven services which includes
acne treatment, acne scars treatment, pigmentation treatment hair loss treatment, laser hair reduction, hydrafacial, photofacial, tattoo removal, dermal fillers, antiageing treatment, psoriasis treatment, vitiligo treatment, eczema treatment, dandruff treatment, warts treatment, skin tags treatment, eyebrow microblading, and eyelash lift. The majority of its patients are from the age group 15-50 years of age, where in treatments for acne, pigmentation, hair loss, and anti ageing are the most widely enquired about. The clinic's success is backed by its team of seasoned professionals which includes Dr. Sonakshi, her clinic manager Sheela M., therapist Nanditha, and Raju, who works in Pantry.

ARA is dedicated to providing world-class care and evidence based advanced medical-aesthetic treatments for all of your skin and hair care requirements

A Robust Infrastructure in Place
Ara Skin Clinic is also outfitted with cutting-edge equipment, which aids in treatment precision and favorable outcomes. The state-of-the-art facilities coupled with the latest and greatest technology, customized treatment solutions, and competitive pricing have distinguished Ara Skin Clinic from its competitors. Lasers which are US FDA Approved like the primelase for laser hair reduction and tri beam the switched NdYAG laser for pigmentation and acne treatment are being utilized to ensure strict quality standards. Further, best in class medifacial device and diamond glow aka silk peel are also being used for the same.

"We offer services for skin, hair, and nails. Patients are counseled on how to manage their skin problems holistically. Lifestyle adjustments, combined with prescription based therapies, are the initial line of therapy, followed by in clinic treatments tailored to the patient's skin condition and desired outcome", highlights Dr. Sonakshi.

ARA is dedicated to providing world class care and evidence based advanced medical aesthetic reatments for all of your skin and hair care requirements. Going forward, Ara Skin Clinic wants to be India’s most trusted brand for world-class dermatology services. The clinic hopes to open branches throughout Bangalore in the future so that patients can benefit from cutting-edge technology, personalized, and inexpensive therapy.