Onest: Best Products at Never Before Price

Alok Singh,CMO & Associate Director

Alok Singh

CMO & Associate Director

The beauty sector is advanced because of the way beauty loving consumers engage with the category. For decades, they have sought out innovations, embraced the stories behind brands and enjoyed the shopping experience, solo and with others. For decades, these characteristics have shaped how beauty brands marketed and sold their products. The attractive pricing strategies have particularly catapulted this growth and adoption of cosmetics in India. One of the breakthrough product range, Brand Florona Naturals by Onest Limited, has made significant contribution to the beauty product needs of the Indian consumers. Since its inception, Onest has worked toward its primary vision to provide the best quality products at a revolutionary price in order to reach maximum homes & individuals in India as well as different parts of the world. Onest's exports reach 60 countries across the globe encompassing various regions viz. USA, LATAM & Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, and Asia & Far East.

Harshala Mankame, Director-Development
Headquartered in Mumbai, Onest has a wide range of products with alluring packaging and varieties in terms of perfumes and variation of the products. The product portfolio comprises of Skin Care products like Cream, Lotion, Face wash, Petroleum Jelly, Shower gel, Body scrub and many more. Also, Onest has a wide range of Hair care products and specialized products for Africa region that is Afro Hair Range which includesHair Treatment cream, Hair Food, Hair Sheen Spray, etc. Regular Hair care products like Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair oil are part of Onest's product range. More so, addressing every age group's skincare needs, Onest offers Baby Lotion, Shampoo, Oil, Soap for infants, and Deodorant, Roll on and Perfume for the young men and women. Adult men grooming range segment is a growing where in Onest offers products like After shave lotion, Soap, Deodorant, Perfume, Face wash, Body Lotion etc.

At the same time, given the pandemic induced awareness about home care &
grooming, Onest furnishes a wide spanning range of products which includes Toilet cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Dish washing liquid, Glass & Multi Surface cleaner, Air freshener Spray any many other products.

Our contribution in spreading awareness about cosmetics & toiletries products is through our revolutionary prices (MRP in india)with the incredible combination of multinational level packaging and best quality products

Innovation And Product Enhancement At Core
Onest has an immensely experienced R&D team that constantly endeavours to stay committed to the primary vision of the company. Besides, as an R&D team, innovation has been at the core which reflects in Onest’s Dish Wash Liquid product, amongst many. The firm is now developing a LABSA free product, which interestingly is the first of its kind in the market. The team was able to achieve this without compromising on the cleaning standard that a product with LABSA would possess. Instead, this product will be gentle on the skin keeping them soft and safe. Likewise, many more efforts are made by the Onest team to bring further enhanced and innovative products for its esteemed consumers.

Onest goes beyond its call of duty to spread awareness about the right beauty brand. "Our contribution in spreading awareness about cosmetics & toiletries products is through our Revolutionary prices(MRP in India) with the incredible combination of Multinational level packaging and Best quality products". Rightly so, Onest fulfils its slogan for BEST PRODUCTS @ NEVER BEFORE PRICE. Therefore, every product and packaging material is of MNC level only. Onest has ISO certification, One Star Export House Certification Recognised by Government of India. All the partner manufacturing units are GMP certified. Onest also has the US FDA registered status for business in USA. Besides, Onest has been recognised by the Indian Achiever Award 2021 For Emerging Company.

In the near future, Onest intends to achieve 100 countries export, INR 500 Cr. turnover in next 3 years, and to be amongst the top 10 HPC (Health & Personal Care)companies in India, thereby reaching every segment and geography in India.