360 Degree Dairy: Delivering Soup-to-Nuts Food Consulting Services

In India, the food industry is evolving at a breakneck speed, opening doors to new opportunities for businesses to establish their foothold and enhance their bottom lines. The market is expected to grow because of the increase in the working population, fast paced lifestyle, rise in disposal income, demand for functional food, increasing urbanization, and more. In this rapidly expanding food business, new needs arise daily. Even the most successful enterprises hit a roadblock and lookout for a second opinion. This is where a food consultant steps into the picture. However, several of them, to win the rat race of reaping more revenue, confine themselves to becoming mere service providers. 360 Degree Dairy, on the other hand, with the tagline ­ Simplifying Business, Creating Solutions, goes above and beyond the typical boundaries of a food consultant. They handhold customers through the entire project lifecycle. The Noida headquartered company specializes in grassroots level consulting. In a nutshell, 360 Degree Dairy offer services to enterprises across their value chains in all functional areas, beginning with procurement and ending with consumer delivery.
Kalyan Bhadra,Founder
All About 360 Degree Dairy
360 Degree Dairy is a group of professionals from all functional areas of dairy engaged in all-around activities related to the dairy food businesses starting from milk production, procurement, product development to consumer marketing of milk & milk products. The company is actively involved in providing required inputs to the clients out of the effective experiences gathered in the dairy industry for the last three decades. The holistic consulting platform encompasses the techno commercial aspect of dairying with the modern management tools applied in successful Indian dairy majors, including cooperative and corporate sectors. Its commercial & technical consultancy, market intelligence & project planning, and implementation services have shaped the various dairy and food industries in India.

360 Degree Dairy came into existence with a mission to be a long term partner in progress for the organizations aiming to have exponential growth in the dairy food business by providing strategic direction and handholding them for ground level implementation. The company offers a plethora of consulting services including project planning, procurement, product development & manufacturing, branding, market (rural & urban) research, sales & marketing, product portfolio management, organizational climate survey(OCS), system & process audit, hoshinkanri (policy deployment process). Today, 360 Degree Dairy offers services "We put our best foot forward to enhance the efficiency of our clients" Kalyan Bhadra, Founder "Being a consultant, we put our best foot forward to enhance the efficiency of our clients, which directly benefits them in two aspects. One is generating employment because of business
growth. And, the other is with the rise in efficiency the share of raw material prices also rises. As a result, farmers receive higher prices for their produce. On the one hand, it creates employment in the urban sector, on the other, it helps rural people in generating income," says Kalyan Bhadra, Founder & Chief Consultant of 360 Degree Dairy.

360 Degree Dairy builds its forte in providing consultancy in two ways one by helping people in the development prospect to flourish in the business sector and second by supporting smaller & bigger cooperatives, private organizations, developmental NGOs, and those in dairy domain, to grow. The company is also associated with several vegan products. "So far, we haven't marketed or approached any potential clients. In each case, it's the other way around. The clients are the ones who reach out to us, after knowing into our success stories. The best recognition you get is when clients approach you. By our Unique policy deployment process, we help clients achieve transformation within 2 to 3 years", he adds.

Customer-Centric Approach
People in the dairy sector are motivated by looking at other dairies and come up with the concept of starting a dairy. They hardly understand the market condition that makes or breaks the business. With a customer centric approach, 360 Degree Dairy helps them with a crystal clear understanding of the market and sourcing. Also, the company follows monitoring and reviewing mechanisms that help organizations thrive. With several other plans in the pipeline, 360 Degree Dairy envisions improving and transforming organizations to generate employment and give higher returns to farmers. The company is in the process of sharing its own and clients' success stories through various platforms.

Kalyan Bhadra, Founder & Chief Consultant
Kalyan is a qualified Dairy Technocrat and rural management professional with a thorough understanding of the Indian dairy industry by virtue of long and active association with cooperatives as well as the private sector. He has work exposure to all functional areas of dairy food business and have in instrumental in launching several new products and markets

Jugal Arora, Sr Consultant
Jugal is a qualified Dairy Technologist and rural management graduate with a great experience of leading the milk and milk product marketing for the largest Dairy in India. He has headed successfully the milk marketing of Amul brand for more than a decade. He is great trainer and motivator and has an in depth knowledge on Dairy Business.

Richie Agarwal, Principal Consultant
Richie is a qualified engineer and rural management professional with around two decades of rich exposure to different business sectors majority in Dairy. During her active employment She has successfully steered launching of Premium Dairy Products and non conventional distribution system.