360 SCM: Holistic End-To-End Solutions for Supply Chain Infrastructure

 Soumya Putatunda, Co-Founder,    Avik Sanyal, Founder

Soumya Putatunda, Co-Founder

Avik Sanyal, Founder

The recent pandemic has affected every part of the value chain, from raw material sourcing to end customers. It tests the commercial, operational, financial, and organizational resilience of most companies across the globe. Beyond supporting colleagues and customers throughout the pandemic, businesses have also faced increased competition and growing pressure from buyers and suppliers to deliver despite supply chain disruptions, ensuring the overall customer experience is positive, safe, compliant, and transparent.

To achieve these goals, 360 SCM has expertise in devising customized supply chain management solutions for diverse business objectives. They optimize the value chain for the business and map it to enhance performance, efficiency, and workflow. To create and implement cutting-edge solutions that help clients' businesses adapt and increase their bottom line, 360 Degree is dedicated to fully comprehending their needs. “We are a company formed by experts with extensive backgrounds in strategic alliances, brand development, commissioning, management, and operation of effective supply chain infrastructure and setups for numerous international brands across industry verticals. We are dedicated to thoroughly examining the customer's needs and developing creative solutions with solid planning that will allow the client to respond to shifting markets and increase profitability” explained Soumya Putatunda, Co-Founder, 360 SCM.

Seamless Solutions with Countless Services
As an implementation-focused consulting firm, 360 SCM provides end-to-end solutions
for all supply chain management issues. They created a SPOC(Single Point of Contact) for all queries and concerns. It will make it easier for clients to reach out to the company and ensure that there are no gaps whatsoever. Besides this, 360 SCM offers the SNOP process a path towards profitability by mapping the value chain to improve processes, efficiency, and bottom line. The firm follows agile processes that help them to conduct a detailed review of clients' business before pitching the development plans. They also generate dashboards that analyze and summarize brand health. Also, accurate demand planning and forecasting help them to optimize their resources and deliver solutions that reduce stock-outs and working capital. “Automation and Machine Learning are the future of all business processes. We help you integrate innovative mechanisms and merge them with analytics to deliver constant feedback and course correction capabilities. We deploy efficient warehousing and distribution to reduce costs to serve and improve business profitability” added Soumya.

Furthermore, 360 SCM supports numerous companies with such top-notch services. They began as vendor flex partners with Cloudtail, a division of Amazon. Other Amazon sellers began to use 360 SCM's services when they gradually learned about them. Homelane, an Organization into End to End Home Interiors, is yet another name connected to the business. 360 Degree Supply Chain Management is the largest Supply Chain Partner for the Organization. Similarly, the firm manages the complete fulfillment department for Big Muscles' nutrition provider brand. Additionally, they conduct ecommerce business with Evenflow Brands Private Limited & IKAIASAI Brands. In addition, the business provides supply chain management services in conjunction with Muscle Tech Company, the second largest brand globally.360 SCM was founded in 2019 by Avik Sanyal, Founder and Soumya Putatunda, Co - Fonder, and they haven't looked back. They thrive across all areas, whether in supply chain or e-commerce. They ended Last Financial Year FY 2021 ­ 2022 at 16.85 Crore. While their goal is to reach 100 cores by 2026. Topline Target for FY 2022 ­ 2023 is around 35 Crore. The Business also has a Global Footprint. They launched their nutrition and wellness brands in Dubai last year and have since then registered their Company and presence in Canada. They are assisting a few distribution companies with setting up their online stores so they can sell to consumers there on Amazon & other Marketplaces. The Company is also expanding into Warehousing in both the Countries.