Aarth Software: Delivering Meaningful Data Through Leveraging Technology

Phani Ratna Kumar,  Founder & CEO

Phani Ratna Kumar

Founder & CEO

The new-age business climate demands strategic business decisions and practices that rely exclusively on data infused with knowledge aka `contextual data'. The concept of contextual data includes nearly everything from shallow data analytics to deep organisational strategies. Although data is available aplenty, what matters is the knowledge associated with it. This is why businesses should make contextual data their top priority.

The Beginning
When policy mandates, downward demand shifts, health concerns and other factors caused widespread closure of stores, factories, manufacturing units and supply chains when the pandemic turned the business world upside down Aarth was born. By the time Phani Ratna Kumar the founder zeroed in on Knowledge Graph as the only technology that can improve organizations' resilience to COVID-like disasters, he had done a great amount of punctilious research.

Provider of Meaningful Data
Aarth Software is a new age IT service management company committed to mature an organisation's understanding of their data and to transform their decision-making strategies with meaningful insights. It believes that the new normal of timely information cannot be achieved through compliance and operational effectiveness alone. It requires a distinctive competitive edge too that demands adoption of new tech frontiers set forth by the advancements in big data technologies and data integration tools. It also needs the insights derived from algorithms researched for each distinctive business use case.

Phani Ratna Kumar, Founder & CEO, says: "We are a team of technocrats and entrepreneurs. We collectively hold experience worth a century in managing and delivering insights that have improved business results and operational effectiveness. Our goal is to provide contextual data with which businesses can flourish comprehensively and efficiently. To achieve this, we always stick to the quality of the data we provide. We are proud that we provide only meaningful data-data that matters!".
Aarth's Data-Driven Solutions
While Aarth's Process Improvement Solutions enable automation and enhancements of business processes, the Customer Engagement Solutions give personalized value to the clients. Working Capital Optimisation provides clients the much needed direction to all the personnel across the company to embed the right mindsets and decision-making processes. It accounts for the granular complexity of individual payments, customers, stock keeping units(SKUs) and suppliers. When Aarth's agile-based Rapid Decisioning Solutions enable clients, regardless of their data maturity level to harness fresh and relevant insights in just weeks, the Business Planning Solutions ensure that clients are ever ready to handle changing demands of customer segments and regulatory changes.

They motivate constant business evolvement and change. The Business Modelling Solutions are based on business model canvas with context-based ontologies while Digital Products Solutions predict consumer behaviour pertaining to new products, marketing positioning and the users' likelihood of interacting with a brand. Data Monetisation is Aarth's analytics driven Data-as-a-Service(DaaS)solution that enables data-based optimization by analysing data to reveal insights that can improve an organisation's business performance.

We are proud that we provide only meaningful data-data that matters

The strength of Aarth lies in its professional linked data experts and adept data model architects who carry forward the founder's vision. India's pioneer firm to adopt the Knowledge Graph technology, Aarth has recently set up a Centre of Excellence Knowledge Graphs to further flourish in its arena. With its consulting partnership with Neo4j, the world leader in Graph Technology Aarth is playing an increasingly pivotal role in enterprise innovation and transformation. With eccenca, GmbH as its co-innovation partner, Aarth has been supporting a bunch of Fortune 100 brands on their journey towards Total Process Automation. Aarth also holds an implementation partnership with Salesforce, the American cloud-based software firm that provides customer relationship management software and applications.

The Future
Aarth foresees the global Semantic Knowledge Graphing market to attract 70 percent of organizations by 2030.These organisations will inevitably require any of the two graph data bases: the Resource Description Framework or the Labelled Property Graph.Aarth's cutting-edge solutions revolve around both of them. Aarth is on a steep growth plan over the coming three years that involves mentoring and educating the clients to ensure them positive ROI off Knowledge Graphs.

Life at Aarth
Working at Aarth provides a peerless opportunity to gain highly engaging hands-on knowledge and comprehensive technological skills in a constantly evolving, ultra-modern organization holding remarkable global influence and impact. Aarth is an equal opportunity provider where the work culture and ambience is highly supportive and creatively stimulating to every employee. Systematic and careful recruitment processes, employee friendly management systems and policies, unbiassed appraisals, excellent pay and perks, and so on it makes Aarth any career seeker's dream organization.