Advel Communications: Delivering Meaningful Data Through Leveraging Technology

 Vikaas Wahi,   Founder & Director

Vikaas Wahi

Founder & Director

The rapid advancement of information technology has made the world more accessible and efficient in its penetration into the market. Individuals can easily get information onto their mobile/laptop screens and act on it in the current scenario. Technological determinism eliminates traditional methods of communicating with the world as well as feedback. On a lighter note, acting with information appears to be simple, but it requires special care to transport on a deeper level. Extensive research, content positioning, marketing background, understanding of multiple mindsets, and analysis of various types of information by context necessitate a high level of involvement and prior knowledge.

Advel Communications operates on a similar premise, with the sole goal of providing 360-degree marketing communication solutions to its diverse clientele while utilizing cutting-edge technology. This company's mission is to provide symbiotic growth for the business through T-shape assistance modules. This private organization serves a wide range of categories and industries for its global clients, including B2B, B2C, product-or service-based businesses, private and government entities, and others. The goal of the company is to provide and comprehend end-to-end marketing process solutions to clients all over the world.

Advel Communications' key domains are digital marketing, social media marketing, creative content, market tech solutions, branding, ATL &BTL, process outsourcing, strategy, and consultancy. Advel Communication's commitment and results-oriented approach to every project distinguish the company in the market, attracting clients from all over the world.

As is well known, several sectors witnessed major changes as a result of the pandemic. Many businesses were compelled to experiment with many trial-and-error approaches to get their business back on track. To address these concerns, Advel Communications began updating and educating its teams with cutting-edge technology and work culture. This program helped not only its employees to be more efficient. As a result of this, this firm focused on the basics of the business and aligned the marketing and digital marketing solutions around customers' requirements regardless of different disciplines such as digital marketing, social media marketing, branding campaigns, positioning, paid or organic;
keeping customers at the center of the company's solutions. We have the capacity, team, domain experience, and focus to deliver unbiased and result-oriented marketing solutions.

Advel Communications does not focus on applying the same approach as a solution for all its clients. Every customized solution needs strong background research and a distinct plan. To elaborate more on this, the Founder of Advel Communications, Vikas Wahi, says, "If you have a hammer in your hand, all the problems look like nails. We don't follow this approach. As we cover the entire spectrum of marketing and technology solutions, along with a consultative approach, we devise customized and performance-driven solutions for our clients that impact their sales, improve productivity and reduce costs, or all of the above. So our teams would analyze the client's requirements, research the project, and come up with a blueprint of the plan of action. This is the major reason why our clients choose us over the other players in the market".

Our teams would analyze the client's requirements, research the project, and come up with a blueprint of the plan of action. This is the major reason why our clients choose us over the other players in the market

Advel Communications constantly strives to have accuracy in its services and projects with its highly qualified team of employees. The employee base at Advel Communication is highly driven by the concept of technology advancement and they constantly innovate ideas to cater to employee betterment. The persistent rejuvenation of upgrading workflow is enhancing the integrity of the firm and has earned the respect of some high profiled companies in India and the international market such as; Samsung, Reckitt & Benckiser, Johnson & Johnson, Tata Motors, FICCI, SIAM, NASSCOM, Government of India, Lions Clubs International-USA, Dettol, Accove, Apollo Hospitals, IFFCO, TOKIO, Elsevier, Nuremberg Messe-Germany, Monash University-Australia, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Thomas Cook, The British High Commission, Educomp, Birla Group, Epson, Aptech, and more.

The company's journey from its inception is an amalgamation of constant learning and applying it to real projects. The constant strive to deliver standard service is driving this company fruitfully in the competitive marketing technology and communication market and overseas markets as well. "We have been growing aggressively ever since our establishment. Though the pandemic created some uncertainty in our operations in the beginning, we were quick to adapt to new changes and restarted our work with a fresh set of plans of action. The concept of working from home made our team a little extra productive when the world was on the edge of getting accustomed to the new normal way of working. Our new strategy in our operations and fertile principles have earned us a good customer base in India, the US, UAE, and Australian markets, enabling customers on their digital transformation journey. Since our inception, we have grown by 30 percent on average, and by more than 200 percent during the pandemic", signs off Vikaas Wahi, Director, Advel Communications.