Adwings Consultancy & Solutions: Adding Wings to your Dreams by Imparting Skills & Improving Lives

Sabyasachi Bhattacharya,   Founder Director

Sabyasachi Bhattacharya

Founder Director

Global business patterns have undergone a sea change over the last few decades, and India must keep up with these changes to meet global needs. These developments in the workplace stemmed from several changes. Traditional skills must be converged with new competencies in computers, design, management, and information systems, among others. The Indian workforce, however is not yet ready to deal with these rapid changes with the large portion of the workforce be it artisans or professionals in other fields failing to meet the demands of the industry. This lack of technical and psychological abilities is cause for serious concern. The skill gap affects business, which is evident in the dearth of India’s export capacity. Some global trends that represent the underlying idea of the dynamics of the employment-education sector include FDI infusion which is sure to boost employ ability & skill development and the inclusion of mainstream skills in the educational system. Integration of traditional learning with digital in rural India, academy-industry partnership & course alignment, and lifetime learning skills are among others.

Also, the present generation of India has realized the importance and scope of entrepreneurship, and more students are interested in starting their dream ventures. This is encouraging because there is a greater demand for competent workers as there are more businesses, especially in high growth industries like textiles and apparel. To adhere to such needs, the 2010- born company, Adwings Consultancy and Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has facilitated innumerable trainees to establish their business by providing technical assistance. Some technical assistance includes project management & project administration, quality assurance & testing, enterprise architecture & business architecture, business process modeling & business process management, and marketing products & services. Started as a proprietary company by offering corporate training solutions and soft skill training in Kolkata, it has grown to become a substantial and influential organization at the heart of skills development in critical knowledge skills in India.

The Working Process
Adwings’vision is encapsulated in achieving desired results by extending its development effort beyond the factory. The company works in partnership to understand the client’s and artisan’s needs. It also has a crystal clear understanding of design development initiatives and delivers
high impact training interventions. It works to develop & implement robust reinforcement programs and track & measure for continuous improvement & sustainability. Adwings’ core emphasis always revolves around linking skill training with the textiles & apparel industry, worldclass learning & development, sustainable rural employment, fiber-to-fabric manufacturing capabilities a modern & engaging work environment, natural & craft based products and more. The competent team of management, designers, and artisans are championing the cause of traditional Bengal Handlooms, Kantha Embroidery, Terracotta Art, and Handicrafts, among other things. The company’s proven mettle also lies in maintaining the highest ethical standards in all its dealings with customers, business partners, people, and the community.

Today, Adwings is India’s leading manufacturer of traditional folk & ethnic fabrics and garments. The company has a niche customer base from all over India, and it is sky rocketing that it is hard pressed to meet the demands. Adwings is in the process of skilling 500 trainees in the trade to augment its considerable workforce. The company has developed strong inhouse skills in R&D, which have resulted in path-breaking new designs. Its designs of fabric and garments are inhouse, and it has some most talented artisans and designers on the production team. “We have created a tremendous impact on the apparel market, thanks to our designers. We have developed a unique style, reflecting the Indian tradition of craftsmanship on a contemporary canvas. To attract the global segment, we have transformed original folk art motifs into stylized forms which are unique, contemporary, yet timeless,” says Anjana Bhattacharya, Founder Director, Adwings Consultancy and Solutions.

Working at Par with the Industry
Creativity, technical know how, commercial awareness of the textile industry, research & data handling capacity, critical analysis & interpretation of materials, quality control, trends & direction, and ethics & customer satisfaction are among the skill sets needed in the textile and apparel manufacturing industry. To provide its clients with the best-in-class service, Adwings never compromises on adopting these skills. The company firmly concentrates on its five soul elements Production, Punctuality, Punctiliousness, Price, and Synergy that help it stand out from its competitors. Adwings is also keen on embracing and adopting new technologies such as IoT, Rapid Data Analysis for Quick Adaptation, Mobile Commerce, Online Vector Editors, 3D Printing, and Novel & Experimental Fabrics.

Anjana Bhattacharya, Founder Director

Adwings’ loyal cadre of clients stands out. After a decade, the company still wows some of its biggest clients, including Manjusha, The West Bengal State Handicrafts Cooperative Society Limited, Sasha Association for Craft Producers, Bengal Home Industries Association, Bangasree Bengal Handloom & Handicrafts, and Jharcraft, to name a few. Its Kantha design has been exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Arts and Fashion and Costume Museum Palazzo Morando of Italy. “Our clients are mostly high-end boutiques across India and celebrities. Their demands mainly consist of new and unique designs. We meet their demands by creating designs for them. We analyze the need for perfection and customize it to perfection,” says Anjana Bhattacharya. For a clear plan, Adwings has a crystal clear mindset. The company plans to establish a yarn manufacturing unit to make it completely vertically integrated. With several other plans, it is also looking forward to creating a platform to help revive the traditional folk arts and crafts of India.