AKAS Infusions: A Benevolent Workplace Where Everyone Matters

V Arjunsooraj , CEOThere are very few things that can outmatch the delight of seeing your ideas take shape and get admired in the market. A company where one’s voice is heard and ideas are cherished would surely earn more loyal employees than an organization that tries to hypnotize people with monetary benefits. Standing as a testimony to this theory are the 100+ happy, dedicated & loyal employees of AKAS Infusions, an ISO 9001:2000 certified critical care equipment manufacturer, catering to various hospitals & medical institutions throughout India as well as in other South Asian countries. “Our people are encouraged to freely voice their opinion and suggest improvement in their domain or otherwise. We immediately implement any idea that can be implemented. Even if the same cannot be implemented right away, it is appreciated,” affirms Arjunsooraj V, CEO, AKAS Infusions.

Tremendous credit to such a motivating environment, the company that was established by Arjunsooraj and Arunkrishna V (CTO) in 1996 in a car garage in Trichy currently stands tall as one of India’s leading manufacturer of syringe & infusion pumps with 50+ channel partners PAN India. Also exporting its goods to 15+ countries, the company’s R&D engineers consistently challenge themselves to provide the customer with products above the world standards. Its entire team is drilled down with the one strategic vision – AKAS will deliver better than German engineering, better than Japanese quality, better than American customer service, lower than Chinese pricing, and just like the Indian software, made in India, made by Indians and made for the world. This vision is presented in all company meetings & presentations and is inscribed in the minds of its people.

At AKAS Infusions, no employee is treated like just another cog in a wheel. To ensure that every employee has easy access to their superiors, most of the company’s department heads opt to sit along with their teams, including those who have cabins. Even the CEO can often be seen working hand-in-hand with the R&D department to discuss issues and solution as well as to coach his people on his area of expertise.
Moreover, any of his people can write to Arjunsooraj and meet him at any time. “There is no question of who is big or who is small. It is a question of working as a team and providing best customer solution,” he adds.

Ample Learning & Growth Opportunities
Its sales, service and application engineers are trained for a minimum of two months in various sub-departments like R&D, Production and Marketing, making them experts in their respective domains. The firm takes it as a credit when its employees comment that AKAS is a coaching class or experiencing platform for them. In fact, when it cannot offer a growth opportunity for the person within the organization, the company wishes them good luck and sends them off with a big party as they move out for career development. The company takes pride in the benevolent work culture, wherein some of its ex-employees who have worked with AKAS for long and moved out, even now come down to say a hello once in a way.

When asked about the measures he takes to create such a healthy environment, Arjunsooraj proudly responds, “More than me striving, people create their own environment. I only groomed a few of senior people and they groom the rest. A good environment is contagious. They are all infected with it. Anyone who joins is for sure to be infected as well”. Yet another striking fact about AKAS is that almost all of its General Manager ranks are filled by people who joined the company a decade ago fresh out of college. This serves as a motivating factor for even a new joinee, as he/she can clearly see that his boss or super bosses have been groomed by the organization and have risen up the ladder.

To ensure that every employee has easy access to their superiors, most of the company’s department heads opt to sit along with their teams, including those who have cabins

Its people are dedicated and loyal to the company, although they are highly capable of securing a high paying job in the market outside. Why? They say their blood beats AKAS and they cannot work for anyone else. They are AKAS’ owners in their minds. “I am also deeply moved by their loyalty and planning to offer ESOPs for those people who are with us for long and shed their sweat for us relentlessly,” concludes Arjunsooraj.

Locations: Chennai and Trichy
Offerings: Volumetric Infusion, Syringe Infusion pumps

Employees Speak:
I joined AKAS as Accounts assistant in 2007 and today risen upto this level in designation. Today, I am managing a team of 12 people and also responsible for major business for the company. I am from a small family background and have been groomed to this level only by AKAS company. Whenever there is a setback in my mind due to even personal issues, my company has been considerate to motivate me and provide me the time to recover and perform back with a bang. There are more people like me in this organization who have been with us for more than 10 years – Azhagarsamy, General Manager - Finance & Government.

I have been at AKAS for more than four years. The work environment is comfortable for females. There are around 20 percent women workforce in the office, and all of us are treated very well. I am happy to be here. It is very safe for women, as all our superiors are friendly and considerate. There is no ego among males and they respect the opinion of all employees – Nandinee, Marketing Team Lead.