Aksharaa Corporate Services: Enabling Corporate Companies to Actualize Labour Law Compliance

 K. Arvind Kumar,  DirectorThe global legal services industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2032. Industrial development in the emerging economies and increasing merger and acquisition have been pivotal catalysts in accelerating business activities across the globe. However, in countries like India, the lack of transparency along with inconsistency in quality is furthering the demand a of proper law structure. The government has been taking several initiatives to introduce new regulations to create healthy industrial eco-system in the country. Now the newly strengthened regulatory frameworks are a pains taking hurdle for emerging businesses to thrive in the changing matrix of business complexities. This is where Aksharaa came into existence to bring about a comprehensive spectrum of solutions for corporates regarding the acquisition of labour law compliance in order to support business growth.

The Chennai based labour law consulting collective, Aksharaa Corporate Services caters to different regulatory necessity and builds up systematic mechanisms to acquire all the legal licenses a business needs in order to run its operation. Aksharaa analyses any potential risk pertaining to a particular organization and chalks out cost-effective compliance solutions suited to its business culture. From getting into the seams of the management system of a business to educating their workforce to meeting all kinds of compliance requirements and preparation of statutory records, Aksharaa has deployed an inclusive labour law compliance assistance that is dedicated to fuel the scalability of the consumer organisation.

Extended Range of Services
Aksharaa has enabled comprehensive legal facilities that encompass registrations, renewals and amendments under all kinds of labour laws, maintenance of relevant statutes, value added services and free updation of existing circulars, notifications
and changes in labour laws. They are positioned to cater to the compliance needs under different labour statutes while serving a large number of industries fields such as IT, telecommunication, banking & financial services and insurance, FMCG, NGOs, media & entertainment, healthcare, construction, education sector, construction and several other sectors.

Aksharaa’s team of efficient professionals provides analysis on current compliance status, audit of labour law records while educating the corporates on the laws concerning minimum wage, payment of wages, shops and other establishments, professional tax, provident fund, Employee State Insurance, contract labour, Payment of Bonus Act, factory’s act and so on. In a nutshell, Aksharaa makes itself competent to perform the process for acquisition of any kind of labour compliance. Its factory compliance system is a technology driven solution that lets the client enable fast completion of clerical activities to realise compliances. It deploys effectual monitoring system and an in-depth knowledge regarding factory compliance processions.

We analyse the individual regulatory requirements of our clients in detail. The objective here is to prioritize quality over numbers

Aksharaa also offers payroll function support. Its online payroll management system is designed to execute payroll services for small size enterprises who cannot afford inhouse facilities for the related operations. It offers its payroll services to large companies as well with the advantage of outsourcing payroll instead of hiring specialist staff. Aksharaa supplies workforce to conglomerates due occasional demands and encourage flexible means of scalability. Its organized facility is in capacity to deliver HR solutions according to the unique need of the clients. Being a liaison consultant, Aksharaa bridges the gap between the business startups in need and the contingent government bodies.

K Arvind Kumar, Director at Aksharaa Corporate Services states, “We analyse the individual regulatory requirements of our clients in detail. The objective here is to prioritize quality over numbers. This motivates us to focus on quality growth in ways to come up with sustainable solutions for the customer and eradicate the risk of business disruption. We provide the client organization with detailed literature on the aspects of labour law and the allied regulations the latest modifications before offering the best solution to make their business operations independent of any enforcement risks”.

Future Endeavours
Being a comprehensive apparatus for compliance solutions, Aksharaa’s core values lie in understanding the intricate functions of the client organization to develop ethics programs that drives growth and scalability. Their feasible approach to compliance needs works in tandem with revenue generation. Going forward, Aksharaa will stay committed to uphold its focus on delivering quality service and continually improvise them in order to encounter latest regulatory alterations. “We are currently aiming to tap on the right talent pool to provide necessary assistance to our clientele. As prioritizing on quality is our primary concern, we will be looking to talent acquisition to support our vision. Moreover, we will also focusing on strengthening our relationship with the consumers to maintain a health IR climate”, Arvind concludes.