Akshaya Rath: Leading the Way in the Waste Management Industry

Akshaya Rath ,  Co-Founder & CEO

Akshaya Rath

Co-Founder & CEO

In the dynamic landscape of business, it takes a true visionary leader to become an orchestrator of change. An individual that amalgamates domain expertise, innovation, impact, and leadership qualities to defy norms and wield influence that can have a lasting imprint on not just the business, but on the lives of everyone they come across. Embodying these and many more inspiring qualities is Akshaya Rath, Co-founder and CEO of ECOEX, industry veteran, and a leader in the true sense of the word. Igniting a spirit of growth and innovation, that is driven with a passion to create an impact on the industry, community and beyond, he strives to guide future leaders who can envision change that aims to improve lives.

Waves of Transformation

With over 25 years of experience in diverse roles including a decade in industrial sales and fifteen years in IT, of which six were spent in C-level positions, across diverse organizations, Akshaya brings a 360 degree perspective that guides him to be a better leader for the firm, and for its people. Leveraging the expertise of his diverse industry experience in the business field, he is dedicated to promoting sustain-ability through ECOEX. The firm was established upon realizing the magnitude of challenges that waste presents beyond being just a local concern.

ECOEX offers comprehensive solutions for brands and recyclers, connecting buyers and sellers of recyclable products including plastics and e-waste. A one-of-a-kind platform for doing so, ECOEX helps in the management of plastic waste, e-waste, batteries, in addition to offering consulting services and trading recyclable materials. The firm’s expertise lies in Extended Producer Responsibility, facilitating supply and demand, transforming waste into sustainable products, and more. ECOEX has, in fact, handled four lakh plastic credit certificate transactions so far.

Through critical problem solving, innovation, and a leadership strategy that inspires and motivates others, can effectively manage teams and projects, and can make tough decisions in the face of a challenge to drive success, Akshaya and ECOEX's aim is the development of a sustainable circular economy that addresses India’s waste management challenges.
“Our work is n't just about personal success, it's about making a meaningful impact on our industry, community, and beyond. ECOEX has received numerous awards and recognitions including being honoured as the 'Disruptive Solutions' category winner at the Smart Urban Innovation Awards by FICCI, receiving recognition at the Plastic Recycling Conference Asia, and being named 'Company of the Year' by Business Connect Magazine and The Policy Times and we will remain committed to our mission of providing sustainable waste management solutions and driving positive change in the industry”, shares Akshaya Rath, Co-Founder and CEO, ECOEX.

Akshaya, in his role at ECOEX has played a pivotal role in launching innovative ventures aimed at ensuring profitability in B2B segments. Under his leadership the firm has implemented advanced strategies like technology integration fostering strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with brand owners and recyclers, and ensuring that the company continues on a path of continuous innovation and upgradation of services to meet market demand while staying cost-effective.

As a leader, one of Akshaya's primary responsibilities has always been to maximize the potential of the people he manages & allows them to discover their own competency

Leadership Duties

In addition to being clear about his mission with the organization, Akshaya has also developed a very crisp and clear vision for his leadership style and goals. In this role, he aims to create a supportive environment for the future generations of leaders, guiding them through the intricacies of industry as they chart their paths ahead. Practicing open communication and leaving room for innovation, he encourages people to take risks, be resilient, develop a growth mindset, and learn from failures.

His leadership also strongly emphasizes collaboration and teamwork which are vital for shaping a leader. These values are not only limited to him, but ring deep in ECOEX's ethos that further focuses on uncompromised discipline. Beyond a set of powerful values, he has also developed a performance-based incentive system, which motivates the team to be more proactive and productive.

He emphasizes the essential nature of honing a curious mindset, seeking and seizing opportunities for growth, and developing an inclination for continuous learning to thrive in any industry. Embracing change and uncertainty are two unavoidable aspects of business progress, which necessitate a curious and open mind that is not intimidated by challenges. In line with such realities, Akshaya also strives to instill the wisdom that he has gained throughout his journey, that pushes him to seek diverse perspectives, and engage in industry activities to gain insight into industry-specific shifts to stay abreast of all evolutions.

“Becoming wiser means allowing others to become wiser too. Wisdom is something that guides your thinking and lets you think beyond the obvious. As a leader, one of my primary responsibilities has always been to maximize the potential of the people I manage and allow them to discover their own competency. A leader influences everything and everyone that comes his way and therefore it's extremely important to reinvent ourselves and enable our employees to share their own thoughts and perspectives freely by giving them ample space to learn and opportunities to implement new ideas”, further adds Akshaya.

With an overall inspiring aura nurtured over decades, Akshaya exudes the image of a leader that most leaders can only aspire to achieve. With his versatility and dynamism, he shines not only as a leader, but also as a mentor.