Allstate India:Facilitating Professional Growth through Innovative Technology Solutions

 Chetan Garga,   Managing Director

Chetan Garga

Managing Director

In today’s rapidly changing technological landscape, firms that prioritize learning and professional growth for their employees are the best places to work. These companies understand that investing in their employee development leads to greater productivity, innovation, and success and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Working at a big firm can seem daunting due to the unknown variables involved. However, there are several career-building and personal benefits that employees can enjoy. A strong enabler of this transformation is Allstate India, making it one of the best IT firms to work for.

Established in 2012 and with offices in Bengaluru and Pune, Allstate India is a subsidiary of the Allstate Corporation, which is a Fortune 100 company and one of the largest property insurance companies in the USA and Canada. The organization offers services in IT development (Java, Oracle DBA, Mainframe, .Net, Mobile technologies, Ab Initio, TIBCO, Tenfold, and Informatica), Testing (manual, automation, performance, SOA), BPM, technology support, analytics and other IT-enabled services (Unix, Windows, Tibco Admin, active directory, Websphere admin, build and config, environment support, performance monitoring, global test environment, Share Point development, and support, SAP basis and DB2/ IMS administrator), to Allstate and its subsidiaries. Allstate India is leveraging novel technologies such as Oracle, SQL, Mongo DB, Cassandra, or database on Cloud along with software and platform development and maintenance for business critical initiatives.

A Job Destination to Learn and Grow
What separates Allstate India from other competitors in the market is the vast array of facilities the organization provides to its employees. The organization has a strong and robust Learning and Leadership Development (L&LD) system, which ensures that employees are kept abreast with the latest industry trends and evolving technologies, with special emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), programming languages and analytics to name a few. Allstate India also strives to expose employees to new industry verticals through varied assignments along with one-on-one learning with mentors and coaches
from the industry and partnerships with various industry bodies. “We have a good L&LD environment to enhance employee skills and an innovation laboratory known as allworX, where people can play with ideas and come up with innovative solutions”, informs Chetan Garga, Managing Director of Allstate India.

Allstate India provides a competitive benefits package and facilitates the professional career growth of employees through a dynamic learning environment. The organization prioritizes employee health and wellbeing and has several programs in place such as All Flex which is a well-rounded employee insurance program that offers numerous benefits and allows employees to choose according to their needs. Allstate India also has an 18 months program for new and expecting mothers to make personal and professional lives easier for women employees. Another program in place is Applause which facilitates employee recognition by peers across the globe. “Given that in today’s demanding times, it is difficult to manage both work and personal life, we encourage our employees to strike a work life balance through various programs. This makes life easier for all and ensures organizational growth”, adds Chetan.

All state India is a vibrant workforce and therefore it becomes essential to keep them involved in various cocurricular activities. For this, the organization has an exciting set of activities that it offers to its employees through cultural programs, sports events, book clubs, and various CSR activities. Allstate India also has an aggressive target for a carbon-neutral footprint to facilitate an environment and social governance and is spearheading a few programs for the community to help government schools carry out rainwater harvesting.

Allstate India is committed to fostering an inclusive work culture that embraces diversity & equity to deliver excellence

When inquired about the criteria for the selection of employees, Chetan asserts, “Allstate India aims to acquire talent based on a candidate’s competency and skills. Competencies define the present and the future, but skill sets need to be updated constantly with evolving market trends and technological advancements through continuous learning. Other things we look for in a candidate are the right attitude and aptitude. In the rapidly evolving and changing world, we are also looking for people who are agile, have a solution-based approach, and critical thinking. Also, people who are self-motivated, driven, willing to take up challenges, bring their voice to the table, challenge the status quo, and think out of the box make good candidates and potential employees and leaders. At a more professional level, we look for candidates who have programming skills such as Java, .Net, AI, ML, Data Analytics, Information security, database management, and Genetic AI. In today’s globalized and interconnected world, the significance of diversity and equity in the workplace cannot be overstated and Allstate India embraces diversity in hiring not just to enrich organizational culture but also to drive innovation, enhance productivity, and promote social progress.”

The Way Ahead
The IT industry is constantly evolving, and its future is likely to be shaped by various factors such as emerging technologies, global economic conditions, and shifting consumer demands. While there may be some disruptions and changes to traditional roles, there will also be new opportunities for those with the required skills and expertise. Allstate India looks forward to utilizing more technology such as ML and AI and growing in ways that can bring value to the enterprise. The organization aims to leverage its employees’ knowledge and skills and harness the rich pool of talent to its full potential.