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Raj Vattikuti,Founder & Chairman

Raj Vattikuti

Founder & Chairman

It’s no secret that talents in today’s dynamic business landscape restrict their radar to co-development workplaces. It takes dedicated engagement programs infused with latest motivational science to maneuver employees, align them with organizational vision, and thus go that extra mile together. A top-tier software development company embracing a unique culture of commingling people, creativity, and technology to spark transformation, Altimetrik takes serious interest in devising and developing the careers of their employees to make them valuable and relevant as per the changing demands of the future.

Through various dedicated initiatives, Altimetrik ties strong knots with the employee at different touch points of their lifecycle, which begins even before they join. For example, 'Bandhan' is a program designed to help every new-recruit to sync with its culture, business & engineering-leaders right from day one. The employee is made comfortable, welcomed and familiarized with the organization through this initiative, which gives them a perspective right away.

This particularly helps in introducing them to the unique ‘Playground’ ecosystem of Altimetrik that is strategically positioned to help enterprise customers go through transformation programs and achieve speed, accuracy and agility in their business. Understanding Playground,its criticality and impact on varied industries, and the role that the employee could play in making a difference is held as a significant milestone for each employee.

Devising Progressive Career Paths through Talent Transformation
“Playground is an excellent platform for engineering talents to find themselves. This natural and scientifically developed talent transformation engine is an ideal proposition for engineers to rediscover skills and methods of building products. It changes the way software engineers have been working for decades and gives them a whole new outlook”, says Raj Vattikuti, Founder & Chairman, Altimetrik.

Apart from Playground, through Partnerships with several leading learning platforms, AltiLearn is an engine that brings learning and
development exercises on a regular basis for employees to upskill regularly. Furthermore, there are several Leadership Skill development workshops lined up throughout the year.

One of the key business principles at Altimetrik is to build unified teams and create a culture of hyper-collaboration

Building a Modern, Technology Driven Organization
One of the key business principles at Altimetrik is to build unified teams and create a culture of hyper-collaboration. The company believes that to be truly modernized, breaking silos between functions such as HR, operations, technology, revenues, is extremely important. This leads to substantial business responsibility that is bestowed on the HR team at Altimetrik.

“Our employees are at the core of our business. And because they are quite scattered across locations, it is even more important for us to ensure that they all are on the same page with equal opportunities. In every engagement, the key focus is always on instilling Altimetik’s values,” asserts Geetha Thiagarajan, Head of HR, Altimetrik.

This year, the HR team focuses on creating #belongingness in the organization through various initiatives, bridging the geographical challenges and fostering collaboration by putting technology to good use. For example, the company is launching a chatbot that will eliminate the annual employee survey. Through the chatbot app, the company can stay connected with every employee at an individual level for continuous feedback and improvement. This will help the organization frame better HR policies and engagement initiatives.

Keeping the Balance is of Utmost Priority
An employee at Altimetrik enjoys several benefits and programs that keep work and play at a healthy balance. Health & wellness is given topmost priority. Tie-ups with innovative and upcoming health apps such as an online doctor app, scheduled health camps, promoting marathons, cyclathons are all a part of the Life - at - Altimetrik parcel.

The organization also supports and promotes extracurricular and creative pursuits of employees, providing several platforms to exhibit and explore their skills. AltiClub is an employeeled forum that works on different initiatives such as Toastmasters, photography, and much more,
helping employees find a harmonious work-life balance. Altimetrik also holds several events round the year including hackathons, employee meets, tech talks and meetups to keep employees engaged at various levels, and reward & recognize their efforts.

A Community of Future-Ready Technology Talent
Altimetrik has recently launched a platform called DCult – a community for millennial techies across the world to learn, network, share opinion, explore and experiment ideas. The company has plans for various activities through the DCult platform to promote the community, such as inspiring talks, contests, hackathons, and seminars among others. An interesting charter that DCult intends to create is on Social Innovation where the community of tech enthusiasts would take up a social concern and work a technology solution around it. With this community, Altimetrik aims to reach out to the world of aspiring techies and thus develop a new generation attuned to the future demands of the digital world.

Talking about communities, Altimetrik is deeply engaged in various CSR activities throughout the year. “Last December, we joined hands with Bhumi, an NGO from Mumbai, to help children residing in shelter homes. We distributed gifts these kids wished for,” says Geetha. She continues, “Our founder believes that charity is not just about giving money, it is about creating a sustainable model”. A notable philanthropist, Raj Vattikuti, inspires the approach that Altimetrik takes towards creating sustainable solutions for the social community.

Altimetrik is a much desirable organization for engineering talent looking at building a future-ready, sustainable career in the IT industry.

Key Management
Raj B. Vattikuti, Founder & Chairman:
Philanthropist and a serial entrepreneur, Raj.BVattikuti is a technology visionary and acclaimed business leader in the global IT industry. He founded Altimetrik in 2012, steering the vision to be one of the fastest growing tech companies.

Geetha Thiagarajan,Head - HR
With expertise in managing employee lifecycle for large organizations, Geetha drives the HR vehicle of Altimetrik building the right business strategies, profitable for both the employee and the employer.

Offices: U.S, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Uruguay

Offerings: Digital Transformation, DevOps, Experience & Design, Channel Engineering and many more