Amaladas Rajesh: An Experienced Entrepreneur Moulding the Future Change Makers

Amaladas Rajesh,Chairman & CEO

Amaladas Rajesh

Chairman & CEO

In consonance with corporate gurus, the professional scenario will see a rise in people juggling multiple job opportunities rather than pursuing a single full-time job. However, one such visionary adopted this practice decades ago and with a plethora of organizations under his leadership, he can give the millennial hustlers a run for their money. CEO of the infotainment network giant Channel 26, as well as the Managing Director of E3R Logistics, AR Aggregates &, Director of Pearl Gates, to name a few, Amaladas Rajesh’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of a wonder. At the tender age of 15, the entrepreneur had the business acumen and resilience well beyond his age. Starting in 1986, he was introduced to the world of video marketing, hotel industry, real estate, project consultancy amongst many others that opened the doors for a great networking opportunity and guidance that continues to help him in running his ventures today. However, among this array of experiences, it was his love for education and learning that led him to incept Channel 26.

The Inception
Thanks to his media connections, Amaladas realized the impact of audio visual mediums for his knowledge platform. From 30 second snips to 60 minute long programs, every program requires an intrinsic bent of knowledge that Amaladas acquired by spending close to a decade in research on history & archaeology. Amaladas credits the Holy Scripture of Bible as the source of his knowledge & worldly understanding that he has acquired over the years. “My research heavily relied on the Archaeological Survey of India and
visits to the Indian subcontinent,China, Australia and most of the Asian countries to understand the Indian civilization,” states he. Invariably, the popularity of the channel and the well-known work methodology of Amaladas attracted the attention of famous producers and entertainment moguls who were keen on having a piece of the Channel 26 pie.

With his special focus on career building and decision making for youngsters, Amaladas helps them channelize their talent to build meaningful professions

While capital investment in making such programs is colossal, such offers are often accepted at the drop of a hat. However, the CEO remained firm in his approach and turned down these highly lucrative offers, exemplifying his diligence and commitment. This, in turn, provided a platform for the young and energetic media personalities to craft meaningful programs who later became a part of the entrepreneurial legacy crafted by Amaladas. With his special focus on career building and decision making for youngsters, he helps them channelize their talent to build meaningful professions. It is his mission to mould this generation to become an asset to the Indian society and embrace the challenges of life rather than seek the easy life. Amaladas emphasizes, “It is easy to build a fortune but it is extremely challenging to build a career”. Be it in India or on the foreign soil, it is Amaladas’s ingenuity that is paving way for students and newbies to take the road less travelled towards progress.

Failure - A Step towards Success
Amaladas never received his success on a silver platter. His first venture, an organized tour for college students to Andaman faced extreme scrutiny. Though inexperienced, he leveraged his acute people and troubleshooting

skills and was able to calm frazzled nerves, learning a great deal about customer relationship. Decades have gone by but this self-learning continues to be a constant endeavour, be it learning about the aerospace technology from Boeing’s workforce or learning about digital technology from his network in the IT and media field. His thirst to learn surpassed his will to engage in bookish knowledge. He recalls, “Due to other programs, I had to skip my final semester”. The three-year course took 15 years to complete but Amaladas was not complaining. Regarding it as one of the biggest motivation, he went on to pursue MBA from the University of Madras and several other special courses that played a vital role in helping him expand his horizons. Clearly, what others saw as collapse & failure, he saw growth & opportunity. At the risk of being regarded as ne'er-do-well, he continued on his venture of learning and looking for specialized MBA courses (while running a travel agency) that led him to Stanford and Leeds. “I got the chance to present to the doctorates and post-doctorates there which further encouraged me to start a management institute in Chennai,” states he. This laid the foundation for VGP School of Management, Chennai that excelled in providing unique specialized MBA courses, usually scarce in the Indian educational scenario. “Failure for me is a lesson to do better and this is how I encourage my team during bouts of disappointment,” asserts Amaladas.

A family man through and through, the entrepreneur never prioritizes anything above family. The immense support from his wife and children plays a crucial role in maintaining the work-life balance. He believes that his wife is his rock and in her presence, he receives that peace of mind that is essential for him to succeed. With plans to foray into the oil industry, capital market and many more, Amaladas is a go-getter. “I will be a global player in the coming years and will be proud to represent India on the international platforms,” concludes he.