APTECH: Assisting Businesses in Boosting their Brand Value

Pritesh Shah,  Founder

Pritesh Shah


In this digital era, brand awareness is crucial for businesses to mark their presence in such a competitive environment. As there are many marketing strategies that can enhance a brand's digital visibility, it is equally important that the brand also has physical visibility. For this, businesses rely on labels, metal marking, semi graphics, and stickers. That being said, it is also crucial to find the right partner to serve all the requirements without any compromises. Helping the various businesses boost their advertising and marketing presence is Aptech, a leading and most preferred partner for promotion and direct display.

Incepted in October 1998, by Pritesh Shah, founder of Aptech, this company has been providing optimum solutions to all kinds of display requirements for businesses. With their expertise in conceptualizing, designing, and executing advertising display, Aptech creates and customize products based on customers' needs, space, and budget. “Our experience of 24 years coupled with our technical expertise, we are able to transform the clients' ideas into material”says Shah. Hence the company slogan, “We don't know what to make, we know how to make”.

Aptech is a well-established name in metal labels, engraving, fabrication, computerized semi graphics, signage activities, and a well-organized manufacturing company with a presence at the pan-Indian level penetrating all kinds of the domain and offering the utmost service and products. The company envisions delivering the finest quality of products and premium services to all their customers with a consumer-centric approach. To accomplish this, Aptech incorporates efficient working and management systems. Moreover, the comprehensive control the company has over all areas of production and communication helps them to fulfill their key principles.

The various products offered are industrial labels, identification tags, shroud, laser cutting, and metal marking, vinyl graphics and stickers, thermoforming, stickers, mimic semi graphics, panel accessories, CNC routing and connecting, and signage products. At the same time, the various services provided are media consultation, conception, visual communication, and product design, printing, fabrication and production facility, customizing product requirements, display setup and installation, onsite pasting of products, and maintenance of products and materials.

USP of the Company
According to Shah, Aptech's USP is their
cutting edge technology. This technology is the company's powerful tool, giving them an upper hand in such a competitive market space. The company thrives to update their technology by investing in the latest machinery and processes to help them stay a step ahead of their potential competitors.

The company envisions delivering the finest quality of products and premium services to all their customers with a consumer-centric approach

How Aptech remains to be the leading player in the industry? Their latest technology and vast experience help them get out of the box. They put their efforts into understanding their customers' desire indepth and works towards that goal with exceptional commitment and enthusiasm. Besides, the company houses a team of focused and dedicated engineers, graphic designers, production specialists & quality controllers.

They are well equipped to handle diverse requirements and are technically sound in the use of technology and versatile with diverse raw materials used for production. These young experts come with great experience, competency, and qualifications in the field. They together work toward achieving efficiency and network with the company company's various business channels with great proficiency and reliability. This team is the greatest asset of Apetch and it is their collective handwork that enables the company to respond to national and international clients proactively.

Aptech boasts of state-of-the-art technologies that make them stand out from their peers. The material specific multiple CNC laser machines, CNC channel benders, CNC press breakers, enclosed paint booths, and 'UV' flat bed printers are the technologies used by the company to serve their customers with the finest services and products.

Morals & Values
As a business leader, Shah understands the key to winning customers is to understand them entirely. Aptech is prepared to manage customers who are completely new to the landscape and also the ones who are technically sound. The customers with less experience are handled with great consideration where they are educated about the company's services and products indepth. On the other hand, the experienced customers propose a challenge to the Aptech team to convince them how they are different from the others in the market. Such customers are approached with great professionalism when they are presented with alternate solutions and multiple samples which undoubtedly shows the company's expertise in the field. Needless to say, Aptech is successful in earning customers and their trust and continues to be a leading player in the space.

Interestingly, there has been an incident between Shah and one of his operators about the type of customers that shows the visionary in Shah and how he leads the company by abiding to his values. The operator was curious to know why Aptech was welcoming students to approach the company for project making that is generally on a low-budget and has endless incomplete files. Shah answered with a metaphor saying it is as same as watering a baby plant with the hope of enjoying its fruits one day. Today, the company's 50 percent of the clientele is from such students including the ones who have migrated overseas.

Going forward, Shah plans to expand their services to the pan-India level by appointing channel partners and dealer networks. Not only that, as the company has matured enough with revenue to sustain themselves, they are now looking forward to contributing to multiple social causes and saving the environment effectively through their production processes.