Arogyam Medisoft Solution: Prioritizing Rural Healthcare in The Remotest Corners of The Country

Partha Chakraborty,Chief Scientific Officer & Board Member

Partha Chakraborty

Chief Scientific Officer & Board Member

One of the primary challenges brought along by the Covid-19 pandemic is the difficulty in physically accessing healthcare facilities. While connecting with a physician still remains an inevitable affair, remote access to healthcare is becoming a new normowing to the digitization and the role of diagnostics is getting increasingly critical. Emerging as a trendsetter in this domain, Arogyam Medisoft Solution, a Kolkata based startup, is on a mission to address this changing scenario with its keen focus on providing the rural population of India aquality & affordable solution through its IoT based telehealth solutions. Integrating the benefits of the advancement of technology in the areas of medical, telecommunication and information, the company uses technology as a primary medium of interaction among the doctors and the patients so that medical consultation can be made available into the remotest corners of the country.

An Innovative Cloud-Based Telehealth Platform
The award winning startup manufactures a highly innovative, patented, lightweight point of care blood & urine analyzer, called HaemurEx, which can test 25 blood & urine parameters and transmit them remotely to Arogyam Health, a telehealth platform, when the internet is available. Haemur Ex is a Computer Vision & Machine Learning-based Optical Analyzer that is GPS-enabled and connected to the cloud. The approximately 500 grams weighing device is powered by an inbuilt battery, which can test 25 clinical chemistry parameters from blood & urine related to diabetes management, liver, cardiovascular, and kidney function.

Apart from the standard features available in a telemedicine platform, Arogyam Health, a telehealth management system from Arogyam Medisoft, is connected with a lightweight 12 lead digital ECG, BP Monitor, SpO2, thermometer, stethoscope. All these equipment can transmit information remotely to a healthcloud, hosted on EU GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation) and HIPPA compliant platform. "All the health information remains protected and confidential on HaemurEx cloud server. It gives timely advice in Indian languages. The ability to test these biomarkers at point of care, specifically in rural healthcare can be beneficial for the successful management of various conditions including mother & child, diabetes, cardiovascular & other non-
communicable diseases not to mention the ease of use since it doesn't require a 220 V power supply," states Partha Chakraborty, Chief Scientific Officer and Board Member, Arogyam Medisoft Solution.

With arogyam health and haemurex, the district health team can now provide physicians' consultation to people at many remote locations within the district

HaemurEx and Arogyam Health can enable a network of healt be remotely serviced by Physicians through all modes of digital communication. This provides realtime consulting as well as asynchronous advisory based on health data collected by the connected devices. Any medical professional with minimal experience can use the instrument and the doctor can easily analyze the results from a far-off corner.

Product Validated And Compliant
HaemurEx had been validated in the School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata and JSS Medical College, Mysore. Results of the validation had been published in the Indian Journal of Medical Biochemistry. HaemurEx was granted CDSCO clearance in India in 2019 and it has been an inspiring journey ever since then. In 2020it received CE compliance certification and during the pandemic, against all odds, first export consignment was shipped. Currently, the customers in 10 Indian states, one SAARC country, and one African country have been catered to. More than 25000 patients are served and 80000 tests are done."With Arogyam Health and HaemurEx, the district health team can now provide physicians' consultation to people at many remote locations within the district. The model can be adopted in other parts of the country for reaching healthcare to remote locations'', says Dr. Devansh Yadav, IAS, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh."The device is very handy and user friendly. The machine can also be calibrated easily. This will help to establish various outreach programs," says another customer Dr. Kusuma, JSS Medical College.

InHouse Manufacturing Facility
Arogyam Medisoft has set up an ISO Certified inhouse manufacturing facility in Kolkata. The facility is certified by the National Small Industries Corporation, Govt of India. Initiatives of Arogyam Medisoft are largely connected to the betterment of the rural community and this has made it gain much popularity and recognition in the past. Recently it has been awarded Lead Innovation in Jan Care Challenge of NASSCOM & BIRAC for 'Non-communicable diseases and telemedicine' and it is being used in the `Sarkar AapKeDwar' program of Arunachal Pradesh.

Partha Chakraborty, Chief Scientific Officer & Board Member, Arogyam Medisoft Solution
•Founded with a mission to enable provisioning of quality & affordable solution for rural India in the area of agriculture and healthcare by adopting the benefits of advancement of technology Sensors, Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence
•The customers of Arogyam include NGOs, MNCs and Government programmes in healthcare & agriculture
•Arogyam provide solution and training support in establishing enterprises for increasing income, well being and alternate livelihood to boost quality rural life.