Ascribe Healthcare Solutions: Spreading Global Footprints Supporting Healthcare Providers with Seamless Revenue Cycle

  Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan,   Founder & CEOThe healthcare industry is witnessing remarkable growth in the revenue cycle services market, driven by the increasing demand for stream lined financial operations. Revenue cycle services play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and efficient financial process for healthcare providers. These services encompass a wide range of tasks, from patient registration and insurance verification to claims submission and payment collection. By outsourcing revenue cycle management to specialized vendors, healthcare facilities can streamline their billing processes, reduce administrative burdens, and optimize revenue collection. Techno logical advancements and advanced analytics are transforming the industry, providing better financial insights and performance optimization, allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering quality medical services while maintaining a healthy financial ecosystem.

Ascribe Healthcare Solutions, founded by Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan, is a global revenue cycle service provider supporting health care providers, medical billing companies, and revenue cycle software companies across several countries, including the United States of America, India, Middle East, and Australia. Ascribe Healthcare Solutions offers end-to-end revenue cycle services including patient demographic entry, charge entry, medical coding, claims transmission, payment posting, accounts receivable, denial management, and A/R follow-up with insurance and patients, among others. “Our core values revolve around cultivating growth through knowledge able and committed revenue cycle workforce, bolstered by a global delivery model, advanced technology and operational excellence”, adds Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan. Founder & CEO.

Ascribe Healthcare Solutions prides itself on offering more than just medical billing and coding services. The company runs an Academy that provides medical coding training to licensed graduates and medical professionals, equipping them with essential certifications and employment opportunities. Moreover, Ascribe Healthcare Solutions caters to law firms and independent medical-legal attorneys by providing medical re cords review and summarization services. This has been particularly helpful for record retrieval companies and law firms dealing with injury cases or workman's compensation cases. The firm also offers medical documentation management services, demonstrating its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to clients.

“The core team's high domain knowledge and potential have been instrumental in achieving our vision. Their communication, cooperation, and understanding have increased productivity, leading to our success in the market for seven years. With deep gratitude, I dedicate myself to these highly skilled and experienced individuals, whose collective vision and dedication fostered a strong internal team and contributed significantly to our company's growth and achievements”, emphasizes Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan.

Ascribes core values revolve around cultivating growth through a knowledgeable & committed revenue cycle workforce, bolstered by a global delivery model, advanced technology, & operational excellence

A Journey of Growth
Established in 2015 by the visionary Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan, Ascribe Healthcare Solutions has emerged as a global leader in revenue cycle services. Driven by her passion for the healthcare industry, Dr. Padmanabhan embarked on a journey to achieve something meaningful in her career. Her time at a different organization revealed a misalignment of visions, propelling her to take the step of starting her own venture, founded on domain expertise and strong values. As a first-generation female entrepreneur, the path from a team leader to a CEO was paved with challenges, yet her determination and expertise proved instrumental in surmounting them.

From humble beginnings with Dr.Jaisheela Padmanabhan, as the sole employee, Ascribe Healthcare Solutions has experienced exponential growth. Today, Ascribe Healthcare Solutions operates in several countries, boasting a team of over 100 employees and strong client relationships. The company's impressive organic growth without a marketing team underscores its efficacy and commitment to excellence. Looking ahead, Ascribe Healthcare Solutions plans to integrate AI processes to optimize services and expand its operations into Asian countries. Dr. Padmanabhan's resolute dream of supporting the education of 11,000 children continues, building on the ongoing initiative that already supports 120 children's education.