Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services: Reliable and Affordable Immigration and Visa Services

Dr. Shivani Sharma,  Co-FounderGlobalisation and Brain Drain has facilitated to the outflow of native and inflow of migrant population all across the world. This cross border travelling and final settlement involves various applications and approvals which the applicant might be unaware of. Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services; emerging from Delhi NCR is dedicated to providing services regarding immigration and work permit in foreign countries. The company is empanelled with various immigration lawyers around the globe and provides reliable and trusted services for immigration, work permit, overseas internships and spouse visas among several others. “We have a very good success rate in all the visa filings and have a 95 percent success rate. We provide work permit which no other company in India offers. We provide an offer letter issued by the LMIA(Labour Market Impact Assessment)to ourclient on the successful completion of the process”, says Dr. Shivani Sharma, Co-Founder, Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services.

If a client is looking for an overseas job, we have a special team of 15 people who would specially look for jobs at international level for our clients. It works differently because Aspire focuses more on work permits rather than immigration. “If a client is immigrating to any country, we feel that the client should have a secure job when they land in that country and has assistance in accommodation, has a national insurance card and the children is exposed to quality education”, states Dr. Sharma.

Aspire as an Employer
Dr. Sharma, being a part of the new and evolved India, is a believer in the
empowerment of women. This is the mindset that has resulted in more than 90 percent of the employees being women. This speaks a lot about the liberal and honest approach of the co-founder as she expresses that wants to employ more and more women so as to play her part of the revolution against patriarchy. Not only is the co-founder a believer in women power, she is a just employer as well. 75 employees have been rehired by the company because of the smooth and independent work culture that is followed by Aspire. It was only because of the culture of the company that made those 75 employees come back and rejoin Aspire. “I believe in empowering women in a country like India which is why our employee retention rate is very high. We even celebrate our monthly successes and have bigger celebrations on occasions. The only criteria that I follow during recruitment is to see if the candidate has a killing attitude towards work and is here to make a difference”, states Dr. Sharma.

Since its inception in 2014, Aspire has served more than 20,000 clients and has been successful in providing close to 6000 employments outside India

The Way to Work
If looked at the India scenario, companies and individuals offering immigration and visa services never work in an organised manner. A layman who is completely unaware of the immigration and foreign work permit riles and regulation can easily by duped by agents in this sector which even leads to creation of criminal records of an otherwise innocent individual. Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services has strict values and policies regarding this matter. Dr. Sharma says, “We don’t have agents in our company. We do not collaborate with any kind of broker firm as well to get things done. We take full accountability and responsibility of the client we accept to provide services to. As a matter of fact, it is ultimately upon the embassy whether to provide the permission. So, all we can do is try our level best that the application doesn’t get rejected. So, we have achieved a 98 percent success rate combining all our applications.”

Growth Encountered and Road Ahead
Since its inception in 2014, Aspire has served more than 20,000 clients and has been successful in providing close to 6000 employments outside India. It has grown goodwill in the industry and has been recognised as one of the top five immigration companies in the Delhi NCR region by Grow India Go. “We cater to 35 countries all over the world in order to provide immigration services and owing to the fact that we also assist in overseas study, we have collaborated with more than 700 international universities to make it a success”, says Dr. Sharma. Going ahead with the company, the founder wants to have the geographical reach expanded and make the process more and more organised in the times to come.