Avalara: Bestows Cloud based Compliance Solutions to Businesses of all Sizes

Manjula Muthukrishnan,Managing Director­ India

Manjula Muthukrishnan

Managing Director­ India

In our global environment and open market, enterprises and corporations are engaged in multinational transactions and operations. This requires businesses to stay updated and constantly compliant with ever changing tax jurisprudence. However, most businesses still manage tax compliance manually by telephone or online, through the use of a spread sheet which not only enhances costs in terms of assigning additional human resources to tax compliance, but also makes the data more susceptible to error. As we move further along as a digital society, the process of tax compliance only stands to get more complex and puts businesses at greater risk. Automated tax compliance is the key for keeping up with the ever-changing world of tax laws and Avalara is a pioneer in developing advanced technology to drive innovation in compliance.

This tax compliance technology provider bestows cloud-based compliance solutions for transaction taxes including sales and use, value added tax, good and services tax, excise communications, lodging, and other indirect tax types, while helping businesses and industries of all sizes to select the right tax compliance. Since its founding, Avalara has established more than 700 pre built connectors for leading billing, accounting, enterprise resource planning(ERP), e-Commerce, POS, retail, and other business applications making the integration of tax compliance solutions easy for customers. The company that was established with a vision to empower enterprises to concentrate on their core business without bothering about tax compliance offers affordable solutions, reaching out to maximum customers. Annually, Avalara processes billions of indirect tax transactions and files over million tax returns & other compliance documents.

Avalara India (largest region of the firm) was incepted in 2006 and has now expanded into a 400+ team with offices in four cities Pune(HQ), Chennai, Hyderabad, and Noida. In India the company acts as an application service provider for GST and thus launched TrustFile GST platform that assists Indian customers manage complicated and burdensome GST along with e-way bill compliance obligations imposed by taxing authorities throughout the country. This new age GSTplatform renders automated GST compliance covering reconciliation report generation, correction assistance, technical and online support, and return preparation. Manjula Muthukrishnan, Managing Director India Avalara Technologies Private Limited, asserts "The phenomenal expertise we have in India works on all aspects of our global business limited not only to the products
crafted for Indian use with their changing GST regime but also products being leveraged across North America and beyond. Avalara is working to be the disruptive force for change in the tax market just as we have been in the US. "Apart from India Avalara is present in three other continents including Europe, North America and South America. The company's global presence and scalability allows multinational clients to opt for only one tax automation solution across their geographical presence and growth trajectories.

Our partner ecosystem, coupled with our massive tax content database, is how we deliver accurate tax calculations to businesses within the software they already use with great efficiency

A company built of compliance expertise Avalara keeps strong watch on changing tax reform and how governments are mandating collecting and enforcing their tax policies. Avalara's unique way of using AI following the acquisition of Indix in 2019 enables faster ingestion integration management and communication of tax data. Likewise the combination of Portway's experience and knowledge of cross border compliance with advanced technologies and expansive product content allows businesses to acquire new customers in new regions with compliance confidence. At present, the company upholds transactional tax data for more than 190 countries and is expanding into new tax types to meet customer and partner demands as well. "Our partner ecosystem coupled with our massive tax content database is how we deliver accurate tax calculations to businesses within the software they already use with great efficiency," says Muthukrishnan.

Future Roadway
The company that was incepted by Rory Rawlins Jared Vogt and Scott McFarlane(affectionately known as The Three Amigos)today boasts more than 25,000 customers and 2,500 employees globally. At Avalara, talents are present from all backgrounds and employees are given opportunity to be a part of a culture focused on diversity and inclusion engage with their local communities, and receive continued support on career development. Currently the company empowers employees from diverse backgrounds through the use of employee resource groups created for women military veterans, African Americans and the LGBTQ+ community. With changing tax reforms rules, and regulations Avalarians are trained and coached frequently to drive innovation in compliance.

To overcome the complexity of GST and meet the increasing demand for real-time compliance, Avalara is developing a robust GST 2.0 system, reducing the friction of invoice and input tax credit management processes, as well as e-invoicing reporting systems for GST transactions(from January 2020). Mean while this technology driven company is also striving hard to eliminate the wall of cross border tax compliance where it has completed more than 2.5 million cross border item classifications, facilitating compliance along the global supplychain. Beside cross border the company is partnering and building other services to further help Indian sellers in the global market including local fiscal representation in countries where physical presence is required. "We started in what probably looked like a niche market, and now the business is almost at $250 million in ARR and went public in New York Stock Exchange in 2018. At Avalara we've set out to be part of every transaction in the world and being a part of the most populous democracy in the world, is key to us meeting this goal," concludes Muthukrishnan.

As the managing director of the firm she overlooks strategic operations in India with a special focus on strengthening the company's end-to-end indirect tax compliance offerings in the market by enabling Indian customers navigate the complexities of Goods and Services Tax the new indirect tax system in India.

Services: VAT, GST, Sales & Use Tax, Excise, Communications Tax, Lodging Tax, Cross Border Tax Compliance including Customs Duty & Import Tax

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