Avils Automation & AV Solutions: Rendering Cost-effective Single Wire Solutions via Centralized AV over IP Setup

Vamsy Krishna M &Vamsikrishna Valeti,PartnersDuring 2009, most of the automation industries were grappling to handle the then prevalent scenario of high global financial crisis and its blatant effect of more than 14 percent drop in revenue. Despite this upheaval, Vamsy Krishna M (Managing Partner) and Vamsikrishna Valeti (Partner) motivated by their relentless passion and proficiency in the automation and Audio Visual (AV) space have established Avils Automation and AV Solutions in the June of very same year. Among the minimal competitors with not much ken in this sector then, these masterminds shaped their bubbling passion into creative concepts of automation and auto-sync, and Executed them to their clients via referrals. As their clients were well impressed with their unique concepts, they fostered Avils to deliver consultancy services, execute the projects for them.

Further impressed with Avils’ top-notch designs, programming and technical skills, clients strongly insisted them to plunge into sales and services and hence, Avils started handling installations and commissioning of top-notch products in 2010. Eventually, for commendable quality and distinctive ways of servicing and rendering solutions, the company managed to procure repetitive clients and executed bigger projects for them after the successful completion of smaller ones.

Sophisticated Infrastructure
Fathoming the key advantages of AV over IP which includes full HD capabilities with near-zero latency, dynamically changing content and many more over the traditional AV, Avils deploys the state-of-the-art AV over IP setups for rendering solutions. Moreover by replacing the bygone method of organizing the AV hardware like switches, networking ports, audio amplifiers and others with respect to each floor, it has setup a cost-effective and user-friendly centralized AV system for each floor with a single point of management system for troubleshooting problems and maintaining the AV facilities, thereby reducing manpower for operations. Deploying the centralized AV setup with a sophisticated AV management system, Avils has executed one of the biggest projects and a
recent project of resolving the unwanted space issue by modifying the bigger capacity rooms into smaller ones.

Aspiring to outshine among its contemporaries who rather focus merely on selling the products, Avils’ team of 63 proactively engage in transforming their comprehensive concepts into unique AV solutions with unrivalled quality on par with the latest technologies in the market and client’s requirements. Initially executing the one-room audio programming for Microsoft, each individual in Avils’ team enhanced their unique programming skills and now execute multiple turnkey projects that includes design, supply, install, networking, AV, AMC, site audit, service support and many more.

Deploying the centralized AV setup with a sophisticated AV management system, Avils has executed one of the biggest projects and a recent project of resolving the unwanted space issue by modifying the bigger capacity rooms into smaller ones

Smart Features & Solutions
Besides the beige AV industries in the market, Avils delivers a smart auto-sync feature to its AV system that entails just plugging in HDMI cable to the laptop which automatically switches on the room, display, projector and every other device via sensors and switches off all the devices once the HDMI cable is unplugged. Not only innovating on automated features like this, Avils also ensures to customize and improve the efficiency of all equipment as per the client’s requirement via centralized monitoring system.

Cutting down the cost of unnecessary cables in traditional AV, Avils executed an HD-based single wire solution integrated with IT that incorporates single CAT X cable for all AV data transmission, networking, control & power. To ensure the safety of client’s data while transmission, it is secured and encrypted properly via dedicated equipment, in-built network, and networking, thereby not allowing third-party access. Moreover being ISO certified, Avils also adheres to the global AV standards by Infocomm rules& regulations, a separate EHS policy and other fire & safety measures.

Bagging several awards from diversified OEMs YOY, Avils’ major milestones are receiving the best performer award from Panasonic, top sales award from Crestron for excelling in sales, star performer by Samsung and few best project execution
awards. No wonder it owns a prestigious client base that includes Microsoft, NetApp, Intuit, Citrix, Infosys, Narayana Colleges, IIM, RVR, ISRO, Sardar Vallabhai NPA, IPS training centers and many more.

Edification Processes Galore
Proficient with up-to-date technical and programming skills, Avils’ technical team engages in deploying state-of-the-art technologies, verifies and analyzes its working and edifies the design team on its pros & cons. Right from procurement of products, logistics to installation, each employee is updated with the latest technology via regular training sessions and also trained by Infocomm professionals on the current standards. Moreover, they are fostered to attend trade shows of product launches happening across Mumbai, Amsterdam and U.S., where in they deduce the technology underlying those products and further employ it into their own products.

Relishing almost 100 percent revenue growth in the first couple of years, Avils procures more than 50 percent revenue growth YOY and envisions the same in the future years too. Recently executing the biggest AV project of NetApp worth Rs.33 crore, it is also developing a program that involves automatic and timely monitoring of health status of all the AV equipment and reporting to help desk, thus cutting much on manual work and time lag. Furthermore, it also envisages to Rs.100 crore turnover by 2020, expand its customer base and geographically cover all the clients’ locations with a sole notion of providing substantially good service to each of its client.

Key Management:
Vamsy Krishna M & Vamsikrishna Valeti, Partners
After pursuing Engineering, both Vamsy Krishna M and Vamsikrishna Valeti started their careers as programmers in Audio Visual industry and shaped their bubbling fervour into Avils, their brainchild.

• Design Consultancy
• System Integration
• Technology Upgradation
• O&M and AMC Support
• Site Audits

Offices: Bangalore (HQ), Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & Gurgaon