Avinav Consulting: Interconnecting Public and Private Sector Businesses across the Globe

Nidhi Goyal,   Founder

Nidhi Goyal


Acceptance in the consultancy industry depends solely upon the knowledge and experience that are used to render the services. Nidhi Goyal has about 24 years of experience in handling tax and regulatory advisory and compliance services. She has gained exposure by working with top most multinational consulting companies at senior levels thus offering consultancy advisory to national and international companies. During the course of her career, she has handled various subjects of taxes and regulations applicable to certain key industry verticals of India.

During all these years, most of the new laws have come into force which was picked up by her in terms of gaining knowledge and providing advisory to clients. She came up with Avinav Consulting group in the year of 2014 realising that some of the big MSMEs(around the globe) are looking for one-stop solutions for its business initiatives in India. Having prior experience with MSMEs, she implemented her own expertise in handling these organisations. “I empower the team and give them the platform, guidance and unrelenting support at all times. I am working more on creating and developing business for Avinav and provide technical support to the team. I always ensure timely and efficient services to the clients thereby gaining huge amount of goodwill”, says Nidhi Goyal, Founder, Avinav Consulting.

Intelligence Rendered
Nidhi is of the belief that niche services can only be provided when one understands the industry & nuances in greater detail. She believes in doing her homework well before
she meets any client and offers them solutions most suitable to their needs. Avinav believes in the core values of service excellence, teamwork, dedication, integrity, confidentiality and considerable attention to details as essentials. Avinav is striving for excellence in fulfilling the needs of the clients’ who are geographically widespread across the world and pursuing business opportunities in India. Nidhi states, “It’s the primary purpose as an organization to deliver high quality services both in appearance and content. Team Avinav works consciously and with full dedication for its clients and provides them a single platform or one stop solution for practical and timely advice.”

The growth of revenue and clientele has been increasing at about 25 percent growth rate YoY

Each team member at Avinav gets an opportunity to take charge of their share of responsibilities. The team achieves a much larger task than an individual could accomplish. Because the team works together through challenges to meet their goals, cooperation and collaboration becomes a necessary factor. The specialisation and exposure of the team members help in achieving deliverables to the clients in a timely manner. When it comes to recruitment, Avinav looks for interest of the employees in developing knowledge skills, interpersonal skills and expertise in particular subjects of the service lines.

Avinav focuses on certain key industries relevant for India and continues to develop expertise and gain as much as exposure in those industries. As an example, the company has been providing tax and regulatory support to an international player in defence industry considering its long term expertise in this industry.

The company provides training off and on job, opportunity to maintain work personal life balance, “Avinav has provided such vast experience that our ability to manage diverse subjects with finesse has improved my skills as a professional significantly. I have gained huge amount of confidence, ability to deal directly with clients at times, and come out with innovative solutions, wherever required. No company in my previous experience has helped me raised my bar so high”, exclaims an employee.

Team Avinav Consulting

The Future Ahead
The growth of revenue and clientele has been increasing at about 25 percent growth rate YoY. While Avinav has its corporate office in Delhi NCR and recently expanded in Southern India, the coverage of the clients has been diverse both in metros and sub-metros in India as well as International locations across Europe, Middle East, Russia and USA. Expressing the future ahead of the company, Nidhi concludes, “Avinav team is working on increasing reach to more and more companies in countries like Austria, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Other CIS countries, UAE, USA, UK, etc. The industry and subject knowledge would help in building up these clients in a longer run.”