Bepure Tech: Providing Cutting-Edge Water Purification Solutions Across All Market Segments

Ninad Rajendra Sankhe, DirectorThe availability of pure water and water purification is one of the most important challenges faced by the modern world. This is affecting not just individuals but the industries also with many finding it hard to even source pure water in order to continue their production. With the current scenario set to worsen in the future, the need for a dedicated company dealing with water purification is higher than ever. Established in 2005 by the versatile duo of Ninad Rajendra Sankhe and Manisha Rajendra Sankhe is Bepure Tech Pvt Ltd. The company was introduced to address the growing concerns regarding water treatment and purification. Bepure Tech was started with the vision of reaching out to all water purification needs in the country and develop the most innovative solutions with unmatched quality.

Headquartered in Mumbai Bepure Tech is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which prides itself on being one of the pioneering institutes that offer cutting edge water treatment solutions across all market segments. Bepure offers various products and integrated systems for both domestic as well as industrial purposes. The water purifiers offered by Bepure Tech for domestic purposes strike the perfect combination of purity, economy and innovation, with their flagship offerings in this segment being Bepure Alken Plus, which is completely made out of stainless steel instead of other plastic water purifiers available in the market. The company also gives great amount of attention and detail when it comes to its products and Bepure always strives to create the best products possible.

“The propositions we provide in our products is not for just drinking pure water, but providing health benefits for you as well. Purification processes like RO make the water pure but remove the essential mineral content in water. We incorporate systems that enhance the health value of the water along with purity,”says Ninad, Director, Bepure Tech.

Diversifying Offerings to Meet Customer Needs
With all of its components certified by WQA(Water Quality Association) the company ensures that the products offered by Bepure Tech are best in its class. For commercial purification purposes, the firm offers a wide range of products, including
commercial RO and UV systems, coolers and dispensers with inbuilt purification which can be used in schools, hotels, hospitals restaurants and colleges. For the industrial market Bepure Tech provides demineralization plants modular effluent treatment plants, modular sewage treatment plants and RO plants which can be installed for various industrial applications. Other than the domestic, commercial, and industrial markets, Bepure Tech also provides various water treatment projects and water treatment chemicals. Even while providing these wide ranges of products and services Bepure Tech is not compromising on the quality, and this is one of the most important reasons behind the company’s success. “The water purifier market in India is very price driven. But our company is quality driven. Even if we have to compromise on our profitability we never compromise on quality, and that is one of the main reasons why we are still running strong despite the increasing competition”, says Manisha, Director, Bepure Tech.

Bepure Tech provides demineralization plants modular effluent treatment plants, modular sewage treatment plants, and RO plants which can be installed for various industrial applications

Marching Ahead with Constant Innovations
after sales services and maintaining a good relationship with the customers is a necessity in order to survive in today’s market and Bepure Tech is taking extra steps to ensure that all its clients are happy and satisfied. “We have always given great importance to ensure that our after sales services are provided at the earliest in order to build trust with our client. We also have dedicated customer relationship management software to manage customer services efficiently and it helps us to keep a track of records of customer services and complaints. The customers just have to call our toll free number and book a complaint and we provide a systematic service to the customer”says Ninad.

Bepure Tech has always strived to incorporate the latest technologies and innovations into their products to survive the competition and meet the growing demands in the industry. “We are constantly trying to improve on our existing product offerings by trying to be different in the market and we have upgraded our products from plastic storage to stainless steel storages. We are currently working on the silver nano technology that can remove bacterial content in the water”, says Manisha. As of now, the company is growing at a CAGR of 35-40 percent year-on-year and for the future Bepure Tech plans to develop into one of the top five companies for water treatment in India.

After completing his B tech and MBA Ninad started his career in the water treatment industry and with his immense domain expertise he is seeing exponential growth opportunities in the water treatment and purification industry. An alumnus of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, and an engineering graduate from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) Ninad has been operating as the Director of Bepure Tech since 2015.

Office Locations: Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur

Offerings: Domestic purification, Commercial purification, Industrial purification, and water treatment projects.