Biswas Nair: An Entrepreneur with Renaissance Personality

Biswas Nair,Founder & MD

Biswas Nair

Founder & MD

In a world that is changing quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. Biswas Nair (Founder & MD, Aashna Cloudtech) understood this phrase very early in his life, thus staking all his comfortness and job security at risk while donning the entrepreneur hat. Though he was void of any entrepreneurial experience, as he worked as sales person in Gartner Inc and also has been consultant for a while, he decided to plunge into the unfolded path when he realized that cloud is going to change the dynamics of the technology world altogether. Realizing the supremacy of cloud technology as an absolute poise to provide solutions in the future, Biswas established his dream company in 2003.

Today, under his headship, Aashna Cloudtech is specialized as a cloud aggregator providing leading edge IT solutions to its customers in Asia, Middle East and North America. The company is also considered as a dominant force in Cloud based enterprise applications with leading
partnerships especially with NetSuite. Talking about his journey to this new path, Biswas asserts, "No one wanted to take risk and all were happy with the existing on-premise technologies available in the market. We were sort of ahead of the time in 2003 and was pretty convinced that Cloud is the technology to reckon on to go ahead, hence decided to take a plunge and make things happen".

Personified in his temperament biswas is not only a remarkable industrialist but also a striking soul who adores writing poetry and listening to music

An Electronics Engineer from Nagpur University and an MBA from Pune University, Biswas is a thriving entrepreneur who aims to go ahead of the game. He elucidates, "Adoption of cloud is growing and we firmly understand the cost benefit and in fact, everywhere the option of the cloud is very much stable. Thus, we expanded our operation from Asia to Middle East and eventually North America". However, Biswas is not just a go getter, but believes in giving back to the community too. Hence, Aashna is taking initiatives to collaborate with several occupational stages of a startup and provide mentorship to give more exposure to future entrepreneurs and graduates.
Journey to its Unfolded Path
Hailing from a middle class background, Biswas' entrepreneurial route was over flooded with spikes where he interfaced multitudinous hardship moments. As every expedition has its highs and lows,he elucidates,"The initial phase was essentially delicate because you have to play multiple roles- from running an idea to running the team and subsequently trying to balance everything". However, believing in his imposing patience and self motivation, and moving out of his comfort zone, Biswas triumphed over each barrier. He says, "I make sure that I do not over-stretch in terms of professional life in order to maintain the balance with my personal life". Today, being an individual who is passionately running a Cloudtech enterprise, Biswas is thankful to his colleagues, friends and family for their faith, mentorship and support.

Magnificence Persona

Personified in his temperament, Biswas is not only a remarkable industrialist but also a striking soul who adores writing poetry and listening to music. He enlightens,"I always try to snatch a moment for the passion of life - poetry. I also love reading books and listening to music". Being a realized soul, Biswas believes that one does not need to follow any body's footsteps; most important is to follow the heart and the enthusiasm which energizes you.