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  • Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2015

    Derived from a French word 'entreprendre', which means 'to do something', was coined in English in as early as 13th century. But why the history of the word is so important? Well, because it is so closely related to the first industrial revolution and later it has now been more structured. While the second industrial revolution came to being in the form of Technology in the 21st century, entrepreneurship received a boom as it was not limited to Western Europe any more; it was spread across the continents - especially China, U.S. and India. With more and more capital inflow, the ecosystem is now more facile and people with innovative minds have concurred the planet. And, the list of successful ones is so vast that we may have to build a library of them who achieved with...

Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2015

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aashna Cloudtech Aashna Cloudtech Biswas Nair, Founder & MD Aashna Cloudtech is specialized as a cloud aggregator providing leading edge IT solutions to its customers in Asia, Middle East and North America.
Atria Convergence Technologies Atria Convergence Technologies C.S. Sunder Raju, Managing Director Today standing atop as the leader of high end internet space, ebbs and flows are what have defined Sunder's journey.
Rajesh Rajeev & Associates Rajesh Rajeev & Associates Chandrashekhar , Founder Partner He is also a successful advisor in structuring and closing the first ever Rental Securitization Deal in India and a Chairman of the Audit Committee of ICICI Investment Management Company Limited.
Minds Solvit Minds Solvit Doddappa Nisty, CEO Advocating that leaders must appreciate their team's effort in achieving organizational goals, he has crafted a workplace with creative freedom and operates as a people's manager, rather than being a process manager.
CliniExperts CliniExperts Dr. Ashwini Kumar,, founder CliniExperts is one of the premier Pharma and Clinical Research Regulatory service providers in India, offering unparalleled expertise and experience in clinical .
Launchship Technologies Launchship Technologies Mruthyunjaya Shetty, Founder & CEO It instead fired up him to upgrade his skills and shift focus on adding value to the organizations he was associated with.
INVECAS INVECAS Dasaradha Gude, Chairman & CEO Quarter century later, it is the same unremitting aspiration that saw him playing a pioneering role in introducing VLSI design technologies to India.
Jivox Jivox Diaz Nesamoney, CEO, President & Director It has its highs and its lows, but the feeling of making an impact each day and aspiring to build something great and leaving a legacy is what keeps me going.
Nykaa.com Nykaa.com Falguni Nayar, Founder & CEO This and other exposures to multi-brand online retail made Falguni realize there was such a huge gap in India with a severe dearth of good multi-brand retail experiences in the beauty and wellness space.
Ad2Pro Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ad2Pro Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Gopalakrishnan, Founder & CEO Ad2pro too has emerged as a leading offshore creative services company, not just in saving costs but setting trends in digital services.
Electronics Payments And Services Electronics Payments And Services Mani Mamallan, Founder a leading payment system startup that specializes in Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Operations & Outsourcing and other fintech managed services for a majority of banks in India.
Arthayantra Pvt Ltd Arthayantra Pvt Ltd Nitin B Vyakaranam, CEO & Co - Founder an entrepreneur is right, but how you react for those lamentable decisions and come back is very important," believes Nitin.
ICAN ICAN Nitin Chacko, Co-Founder, MD & SBU Head Besides the successful track record of not losing a single client, ICAN has been maintaining an impressive twofold revenue growth annually.
Softage Softage Ozair Yasin, CEO and Co-Founder Ozair Yasin not just believed in these quotes but his entrepreneur journey can actually be summarized within these few, but powerful words.
STPL Global STPL Global Palash Bagchi, CEO it is the same experience that helped him to strategize the product and service offerings of STPL.
Episcale Corp Episcale Corp Pramod Rao, Co-Founder & CTO Being an enthusiastic soul who trusted his ideas, creativity and innovative bent of mind, Pramod realized that the corporate setting was very limited in bringing new ways of doing business into the world.
Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. P Raja Manickam, Founder and CEO Tessolve is a leading Semiconductor engineering services company. It is founded by a passionate test engineer with a vision for the future. Below is an excerpt of his mission.
Progen Business Solutions Progen Business Solutions Rahul Sharma, CEO & Co -Founder The exponentially growing data enticed the duo to foray into BI & Data Analytics industry, while the idea of digging the known territories for the newer opportunities acted as a catalyst in incarnating the decision.
Excel Geomatics Excel Geomatics Rajesh Solomon Paul, Founder & Directo according to the same, the positive environment within the organization has enabled the crew to relish the pride of ownership of a project and its success that follows by
Software Assurance, LLC Software Assurance, LLC Ram Garg, CEO Entrepreneurial journey is at least nine-fold harder, takes longer and consumes more money than you could imagine.
Board Technology Board Technology Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu, Founder & CEO the other hand, he encourages people to start up and instill genuine values in their endeavors, while he also suggests them to help each other to contribute towards a better future.
Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. Ravi K Meruva, Founder & Chairman The spirit of entrepreneurship sprouts from the fact that each individual loves to be their own boss, decision maker, risk taker and intellectual property creator.
360logica 360logica Rohit Singh, Co-Founder & VP- Engineering the software industry as an engineer, Rohit was drawn towards the arena of software testing while he was working as a software QA testing trainee.
Crownit Crownit Sameer Grover, Founder & CEO He has created an informal, open-door policy where employees are welcomed to share their creative thoughts.
Exceptionaire Technologies Exceptionaire Technologies Shrigovind Tiwari, Founder & CEO He expounds, "I started a software company and I did not know how the development process worked.
Human Forte Human Forte Snehal Jain, Founder & CEO The kind of market and the situation I started in, was not at all in favor of the way you expect things to be otherwise
Codelattice Digital Solutions Codelattice Digital Solutions Vijith Sivadasan, Co-Founder He combined his business acumen and curiosity to see the divide between legacy businesses and new age business model.
FlipClass FlipClass Vineet Dwivedi, Founder & CEO the opportunities to lead an organization and experiment without being circumscribed to organizational roles and visions.
Swaran Soft Support Solutions Swaran Soft Support Solutions Yogesh Huja, Founder a dynamic chapter member at IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai in the field of Project Management, IoT & M2M innovations, Yogesh's strongest strength is his persistence where he owns a retained business relationship with many over a decade.