BMC Software: An Organization with Limitless Opportunities & Best Working Environment

Shashank Bhushan , India Head & Vice President – HR

Shashank Bhushan

India Head & Vice President – HR

Doug Conant, a globally renowned business leader once said – To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace. BMC Software is one such organization that truly manifests the aforementioned quote. This is not merely a quote or thought for BMC, but the organization truly believes in it and adheres to a highly effective work culture that helps in binding the organization (employers & employees) together. For a company that has a legacy of around 40 years and presence across the globe in 40+ countries, the depth of knowledge it has accumulated and the set of work culture it has developed acts as a lever to offer the most accurate solutions to the needs of the clients as well as the employees.

Establishing its base in Pune in 2001, BMC is actually a 1980-founded Texas-based company that is renowned for providing software products and services in areas including cloud computing, IT service management, automation, IT operations, and mainframe. Leveraging its unmatched experience in IT management, the organization supports 92 of the Forbes Global 100 and has earned the reorganization as an ITSM Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for six years running. Indeed these are the factors that differentiate BMC from other industry players in the market, but what is it that makes the organization so highly efficient & productive. Is it because its workforce enjoys working here?

“BMC believes in doing what one loves and offers an inspiring & energizing work environment that instils the sense of enthusiasm and motivation in the employees,” states Shashank Bhushan, India Head & Vice President – HR, BMC Software. The organization’s strong culture additionally improves the levels of employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

Core Values & Culture
Employees today are looking for more than just a nine to five job. They want to get involved in their work, be passionate about the organization they work for and committed to their responsibilities. Thus, they crave for an ideal company that engenders a fun work culture, career enhancement, and a sound work-life balance. BMC strives hard to offer exactly the same to its employees. But to achieve this, BMC believes and relies on its core values – leveraging technology, helping people with their career growth and giving back to the community.

Where many businesses focus on building great technologies for the customers, BMC focusses on propelling its organizational value by building and providing the best technologies to customers as well as to the people within the organization.
The latest technology is provided to the BMC employees to enable simplified work processes and increase work flexibility & comfort even when the employees work from home.

While asserting BMC’s dedication towards building a great career for its employees, Shashank affirms, “We have a plethora of built-in learning & development programs both on the technical and soft skill sides. We believe soft skills are far more crucial sometimes than technical skills, as they help with adaptability, resilience, and ability to build a relationship with people. Besides, opportunities at BMC are limitless for employees who prioritize collaboration, customer success, and continual learning”.

In addition to that, BMC also offers opportunities for people to rotate, find global opportunities and more. BMC’s core values drive a desire to give back to the community through volunteer efforts, financial support, and community partnerships that support causes that the BMC people are passionate about. BMC Cares is a worldwide program that empowers employees to make a real difference in the communities where they live and work. The personal satisfaction of the participants in-turn can hone them to become more productive. On this note, employees take their own initiatives to drive several community engagements and environmental programs.

We believe soft skills are far more crucial sometimes than technical skills, as they help with adaptability, resilience, and ability to build a relationship with people

Empowering Workforce
BMC has achieved an astonishing retention rate through its employee-friendly policies and well-rounded work-life integration programs. From all kind of medical insurance to preventive health checkups, rewards & recognition programs and much more, the organization takes extra care of its employees by providing the best-in-class benefits to them.
Work hour flexibility is another factor that empowers BMC’s employees to work from anywhere at any time. The organization also fosters a fun work environment that makes its employees less stressed, more productive, more creative, and more engaged. Festivals are celebrated frequently, along with organizing team building activities, team lunches, fun events and more.

Despite being a technology organization, this women-friendly company focuses on gender diversity and insists on having a safe, secure and friendly environment for women. Currently, the organization has 26 percent women employees.

The Way Ahead
Employee retention statistics have always been great for BMC. Where other organizations see a medium tenure of three years, BMC has been witnessing an average of a five year tenure of the employees.
Today, BMC’s global headcount is around 5,500, where BMC India comprises of around 2,000 people. A decade back, BMC India was having just 15 percent of the global headcount, where today, it is standing tall with 36 percent of the total headcount. With all these, the sprint of the company in the last few years regarding size and revenue brought a sterling makeover to the organization. In the coming years, BMC wants to continue its good work while focusing on meeting the expectations of its clients and also employees.

Key Management

Shashank Bhushan, India Head & Vice President – HR
Shashank is a business leader with deep specialization in the Human Resources. He holds an overall experience of two & half decades and has worked in organisations like ITC Infotech & IBM, prior to joining BMC Software.

Offices: Texas (Headquarter), Pune (Headquarter in India), Bangalore (Development), Delhi & Mumbai (Sales & Marketing units)
Offerings: IT services and software solutions.