CA Krishnan R: Redefining Success in the Dynamic World of Financial Services

 CA Krishnan R,   Director & CEO

CA Krishnan R

Director & CEO

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of finance, where strategic decisions can make or break a company's fortunes, there are exceptional individuals who rise above the rest, steering their organizations towards unparalleled success. One such luminary is Krishnan R, a dynamic leader who has carved an indelible mark in the financial services landscape as the Director & CEO of Unimoni Financial Services.

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Krishnan has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with, possessing a formidable combination of academic excellence, professional expertise, and unwavering dedication. From the very outset, his journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, reflecting a relentless pursuit of excellence and a solid commitment to his work. Krishnan's academic prowess laid the foundation for his stellar career. Armed with a Chartered Accountancy qualification, along with a Diploma in Information System Audit, he embarked on his professional journey with a passion to surmount the financial realm.

Successful Career Trajectory
Krishnan's professional journey is a testament to his remarkable abilities and talents. In 2005, he joined Unimoni India as an Internal Auditor, where he demonstrated his adeptness at navigating intricate financial landscapes and meticulously examining the organization's financial operations.

Throughout the years, Krishnan's adaptability and outstanding performance paved the way for his advancement within the company. He was promoted to the position of Head of Finance in 2007, assuming the additional responsibility of leading the company's operations as the CFO in 2013. His contributions were instrumental in driving Unimoni India to unprecedented success. In 2021, his relentless pursuit of excellence and extraordinary leadership qualities earned him the esteemed position of CEO of the Company, solidifying his standing as an innovative leader within the financial services industry.
Visionary Growth Initiatives
As the CEO of Unimoni India, Krishnan shoulders various critical responsibilities that contribute to the company's success. Describing the company, he says, “With the company's origin rooted in India, it initially aimed to serve blue-collar workers sending remittances back home. However, Unimoni's growth has been fuelled by customer feedback, driving our company to diversify its offerings. Presently, the organization provides Foreign Exchange services, Remittances both to and from India, Gold Loans, Travel and Holidays, Allied Services, and Utility Payments through Wallet (Unimoni Wallet). This diversified approach has allowed Unimoni to become a leading financial and allied services company. We have established a network of over 300 branches, serving more than 4.5 million customers, and employing a workforce of over 2000 individuals. To ensure accessible customer support, we offer multiple touch points, including Toll-Free, Live Chat, WHATSAPP, and various social media platforms".

Throughout the years, Krishnan's adaptability & outstanding performance paved the way for his advancement within the company

Driven by his vision to elevate Unimoni India to the pinnacle of the financial industry, Krishnan has successfully executed a diverse array of business strategies, igniting the company's exponential expansion. Acknowledging the indispensable influence of customer input on organizational triumph, Krishnan cultivates an atmosphere centred on attentive receptiveness and continuous education. Through close partnerships with both clients and the workforce, he guarantees Unimoni's enduring supremacy by perpetually providing pioneering solutions and catering to the ever evolving demands of its esteemed customer base.

Leadership Style
Krishnan firmly upholds a customer-centric culture throughout the organization, believing it to be a crucial aspect of business leadership. He stresses the importance of attentively listening to customers' needs and feedback, encouraging employees to surpass expectations and deliver outstanding service. By granting maximum flexibility to his team, he enables them to employ creative problem-solving approaches, fostering an environment that nurtures employee growth and job satisfaction. Krishnan understands that to stay ahead in the industry, continuous learning and keeping abreast of the latest technological trends are crucial. He ensures that the organization remains updated with industry developments, implementing efficient business strategies to consistently enhance the company's offerings.

Moreover, Krishnan's mantra for success lies in providing flexibility, patience, and perseverance to his team, while fostering a work environment that celebrates innovation and contentment. His leadership style emphasizes accessibility, allowing employees at all levels to freely share their ideas and solutions. For aspiring business professionals and entrepreneurs entering the financial and related services industry, Krishnan advises the cultivation of patience, perseverance, and problem solving capabilities. He highlights the significance of embracing change, urging future leaders to prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain adaptability in the face of technological and market advancements.

With a visionary leader like Krishnan at the helm, Unimoni India continues to prosper and shape the future of the financial services industry, setting a benchmark for excellence and customer-centricity.