Canberg Global Sourcing: A One-Stop-Shop for Sourcing Manufacturing and Vendor Management

Neetu Agarwal,MD, CEO, Founder, Canberg Global Sourcing

Neetu Agarwal

MD, CEO, Founder, Canberg Global Sourcing

Rendering multiple services under one roof is not always efficiently provided by many organizations. Many make promises to deliver the best within time but eventually cannot stand up to the promises they make. Canberg Global Sourcing Pvt. Ltd. Stands out to be different in this aspect. It produces, sources, supplies, and distributes a wide range of products to a diverse customer base both at home and on the international platform. Assisted by its convenient location near major logistics hubs such as Kolkata and Colombo, Sri Lanka, the company is focused on sourcing from the Indian subcontinent. "We are committed to coordinating in the sourcing to provide our customers with a good mix of ethical sourcing, duty advantage, and delivery logistics," says Neetu Agarwal, MD, CEO and the Co-founder of Canberg Global Sourcing. Being an ISO 9001:2015, OEKO Tex 100, a certified organization with manufacturing units certified to ISO 14001, Sedex, and others, the company's goods are mainly sourced from Asia and exported to a global clientele across five continents.

"Our diversified portfolio of sourcing, manufacturing, and vendor management are well versed to provide customized solutions to our clients and associates and meeting their exact requirements," Neetu adds. Its services include a flexible approach to sourcing with an array of global partners, product and market matchmaking, vendor evaluation, on-boarding, and management along with designing and product development. It also focuses on cost negotiation, rationalization along with providing quality assurance and ensuring an ethical supply chain. Canberg's USP depends on various factors. These include round the clock customer engagement with active participation in product offering, cost rationalization, and problem solving. designing and production in conjunction with demands and utility of the modern concept of comfortable wear be it work gear, functional wear, performance wear, and accessories. "Our products emphasize performance, comfort, design ergonomics, wear ability, and utility," Neetu continues. Canberg also follows raw material sourcing from reputed global supply partners to ensure quality and product continuity aligned with the latest innovations at the best price available. It concentrates on stringent procurement policies for raw materials used in the production and ensures all the vendors are monitored and periodically assessed for the quality, ethics and social compliance standards.

Overcoming Challenges
It focuses on sustainable and recyclable materials as much as possible along with sustainable production processes too. However, the sudden pandemic due to
COVID-19 had led to several challenges for the company that includes uncertain orders due to the market situation all around, supply chain hiccups, forecasting demand for products, logistics, and control of inventory to manage smooth workflow, shortage of workers and erratic and unreliable environment. Addressing all these challenges Canberg maintained a continuous exchange of information with its customers to understand the status of their businesses and upcoming projections. "We are continuously following the processes of various government organi zations, both domestic and global, to understand their perspectives along with measuring the initiatives taken in driving the economy to a base of stability," Neetu explains. However, the company has also managed to maintain its financial stability by achieving YOY's financial growth positive.

Canberg has come up with the development of a new and composite range of functional work wear in conjunction with its clients and reputed european designers

Involvement In Varied Opportunities
The company's opportunities are categorized in market expansion, e-commerce, finance, and geography. Its current plan of 360 degrees sourcing expands its market base at home and overseas along with opening a few innovative approaches as well. It is also now set to launch its e-commerce platform for a better interactive experience for the users in addition to expanding digital marketing and informational videos. "With our expansion objectives in place, we wish to improve on the statistics in the foreseeable future provided the global financial state remains stable. We have also been able to establish our foothold into new untapped geographies over the last couple of years and plan to continue the same by reaching in the other untapped regions keeping our products in the foreseeable future while solidifying our current market position, "Neetu confirms.

Therefore, keeping itself acquainted and up to date with the latest technological advancementsCanberg follows an ERP system for maintaining stocks of all its incoming and outgoing products sampling requisitions, logistical procedures, and vendor management. It constantly implements and upgrades the latest technology to offer a state-of-the-art production facility. It has a fully modernized warehouse with an easy-to-follow real time inventory along with upgraded digital platforms for virtual meetings and product discussion with the production department, CAD team and the customers. However, with the growing need for industrial work wear to implement and take on newer challenges at the workplace, Canberg has come up with the development of a new and composite range of functional work wear in conjunction with its clients and reputed European designers. This included innovative stretch materials strategically placed at high stress areas and pressure points to reduce and some times eliminate the discomfort by improving the flexibility and mobility of the workers. Canberg has also been able to create new employment opportunities in Colombo by establishing its production unit there and aims to explore in South East Asia, Oceania, and America in the near future.

Neetu Agarwal, MD, CEO, And The Founder Canberg Global Sourcing
Neetu is an innovative entrepreneur with immense knowledge and experience in the fashion industry. She looks after the hiring of skilled candidates in different divisions including retail, legal administration management textiles, and operations management. She wants Canberg to become a global leader in providing "next level" solutions to all sectors for protecting and elevating the value of life, environment and assets.

Location: Kolkata