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Ashu Pathak,Co-Founder

Ashu Pathak


Solving Some Of The Biggest Bottle Necks In The Hiring Process
There has been a sharp increase in the number of technically skilled & specialized talents across the globe in recent times. As a result, the number of applicants for the same job post has also exponentially increased. Selecting the ideal resume or a CV represents just one side of the coin. The real challenge lies in the interview step for organizations, as it becomes difficult to take interviews of so many highly qualified job seekers. Ashu Pathak a Graduate from the prestigious IIT BHU, Banaras, faced similar problems in the interview process throughout his decade long professional career in the corporate world. Being part of many engineering teams, Ashu observed that the HR teams were struggling to find the availability of the ideal engineers. This prompted Ashu and other Co-Founders to plug the gap and bring about a see change in some of the biggest bottlenecks in the hiring process, including the technical interviews. This led to the formation of Cangra Talents in 2017 by Ashu, an IIT, K alumni and industry veteran.

Cangra Talents brings in a pool of subject matter experts along with AI based tools to make the entire interview process as unbiased as possible. One of the biggest challenges that corporate or organizations face nowadays is the conduction of mass interviews. Cangra is composed of a vast network of specialists who can come in and facilitate any technical interview helping organizations handpick the most competent candidate at the end of the day.

More Than Just A One-Stop Hiring Platform
In its short span of existence, what started as ‘facilitating the technical interview services,'Cangra Talents has evolved signifi cantly. It has incorporated a much broader approach, where the company not only focuses on the hiring part. Now, Cangra offers evaluation or assessment to job seekers and candidates regarding future upskilling needs, savviness with future technology & trends, and much more.

At the same time, when it comes to incorporating new advancements into the already existing solutions & services, Cangra Talents has always been on the front foot. Through AI & ML, the team of engineers is constantly working to develop and launch a
fully automated interview system superseded by experts that would speed up the grueling process of a mass interview to the next level.

Enjoying A Robust Growth
Nowadays, Cangra Talents is growing at an exponential growth rate of 250 percent per annum. The company has built up a successful track record of solving some of the biggest pain points of the hiring process, which includes conducting 1000s of technical interviews for clients like Fulcrum, TechM etc. in just a couple of months. Likewise, a year ago, for an organization called Quess, Cangra helped set up an entirely new vertical of the textile industry, where the employers required persons from every department, be it HR, IT, Marketing, Manufacturing, Cotton Sourcing, or Finance & Accounts.

Cangra talents brings in a pool of subject matter experts aided with intelligent tools to make the entire interview process as unbiased as Possible

Today, Cangra has more than 100 plus organizations actively partnering with them, which includes the likes of IBM, Tech Mahindra, and Accenture, acting as a bridge between the candidates and the employers.

On The Way To Revolutionize Hiring
During a recent interaction with Cangra's Co-founder, Ashu Pathak, he reiterated his desire to push more technology into the company's portfolio for the roadmap ahead. Cangra is looking to assist its experts with advanced AI & ML technology that would open up the doors towards more controlled or fully automated interviews. The idea is to bring the Artificial General Intelligence feature into the platform.

Cangra Talents is building up an ecosystem that would cater to the needs of every individual, be it an employer or a job seeker. The company envisions elevating its unique candidate assessment grading system into a universal grading benchmark, just like the Credit Check Score.

Ashu Pathak, Co-Founder, Cangra Talents
Ashu completed Electronics and Communication engineering from IIT BHU, Banaras and had been involved in science & spiritual presentations and social services. With excellent skills in new age business development, Ashu helps in technical interview outsourcing.

Supriya Verma, Head Of Operations, Cangra Talents