CData Software India: Simplifying The Way Businesses Interact With Data

Bipin Dayal,Managing Director

Bipin Dayal

Managing Director

Staying true to qualities such as equal employment opportunity, people-friendly policies, continuous engagement and interaction, open and transparent organizational structure, and a culture built on values, today, CData Software India is recognized as one of the best places to work. The company has a diversified workforce in India with 32% of the existing staff being women, and 50% of the India Board comprising women leaders.

In today’s world, where employees look beyond monetary benefits such as flexibility, work-life balance, and room for innovation & learning, CData is offering a conducive environment that considers all aspects, surpassing what an employee would expect.

Sharing about the value addition CData India offers to its people, Bipin Dayal, Managing Director says, “We have a diversified workforce cutting across regions, age groups, and experiences. It is never easy to have a single yardstick as a motivation for all the groups. While we continue to be one of the best in terms of compensation and other standard perks, our outlook towards the future is focused on GenZ, who are coming into the ecosystem and bringing in a great amount of energy, positive outlook, and enthusiasm.

We as an industry need to make sure that we are open to change and embrace this with all positivity. These young enthusiasts are extremely aspirational, and we put our priorities on aligning our strategies around these aspirations. Providing an environment where Learning is the core and people upgrade to their better selves every passing day is centric to meeting the aspirations of these individuals.

We also need to make sure that we cut the bureaucracy and stay positive in providing early opportunities to these individuals be it niche roles, critical responsibilities, and
taking risks with them. We at CData India have incubated this ecosystem of learning at the core and opportunities for all irrespective of their experiences. The young engineer also gets a chance to be part of the Shadow Board. This exposes them to the overall business nitty-gritty, learnings and driving org-wide initiatives at a young age.”

Wellbeing Matters
Although CData Software India is a relatively small organization in terms of manpower and facility, the company is extremely sensitive about employees’ mental health. “Making sure that employees are in the best of their physical and mental health, we organize regular health camps and weekly health hours.

Additionally, we continue to offer Hybrid/Remote work options for people. Our Hybrid model now is designed with mandatory workdays from the office on Mon, Fri and optional office workday on Tues/Wed/Thursdays. We have built our employee policies around inherent trust and offer several relaxations to the individuals who have completed more than 2 years in the organization. This includes holiday packages on work anniversaries, flexible office hours, and expansive referral policy to continue building and growing the organization on trust,” he mentions.

Expertise Of CData
CData Software India is the subsidiary of CData Software Inc, a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions. The company streamlines integrating, managing, and maintaining data connectivity for businesses.

“Today, data is vital to the core of several business functions and data-hungry applications must consume and aggregate information from these disparate silos to deliver meaningful insights. But the costs of integration can be steep. We offer a straightforward approach to integration, with easy-to-use, data providers, drivers, and tools available from any technology capable of interacting with major database standards,” Bipin exclaims.

Intelligent automation is part of our DNA, it’s at the heart of everything that we do

Being a product-based company, the company had made a lot of efforts over the past few years in automating everything that they do and churning out products faster. This has been helping the brand to stay ahead of the curve in bringing needed technology advancements and upgrades to the products. As a customercentric organization, CData India focus very heavily on customer success which in turn has created a lot of trust and strong relationship with the customer base.

Bipin concludes, “The parent company is headquartered at Chapel Hill, NC, the USA with offices in Albania, Japan, China, and India. With the India operations growing, we intend to focus on the APAC region and work on multiple fronts like awareness, community building, evolving the partner ecosystem, and getting associated on industry forums like FICCI, ASSOCHAM, and NASSCOM. You will see several products coming out of our stable every quarter. We make sure that connectivity is simplified and access unified across the technology spectrum.”