Computer Yug: Making an Impactful Effort to Channelize E-wastes in India

Nirav Raval, Founder

Nirav Raval


India ranks third in the world in terms of e-waste generation after the USA and China. In India any electronic device that could not be repaired immediately gets converted as e-waste. While the Corporate world is doing a great job recycling its e-waste, it is actually the informal sector that accounts for 95 % of the total e-waste generated in India. And unlike the corporate sector the informal sector doesn't have any e-waste obligations or regulations to follow yet. This makes the collection & recycling of e-waste generated from the informal sector in India a tremendously complicated process.

Established in 2010, Computer Yug belongs to the bracket of one of the few companies in India that have been taking giant strides forward in organising the informal e-waste sector under the guidelines laid down by the in state Pollution Control Board and any other governing authority. While other players are only catering to the corporate world, Computer Yug with its 6win strategy intends to deliver benefits to the Citizens and other organisations that are serving the society of this country(like NOGs). It runs on an unique Public Private Partnership(PPP)business model under which the involved individuals / business houses are stakeholders. Interested candidates across PAN India will be trained in their Webinars, which is expected to start early in 2022. Initially starting its operations on the Public Private model, Computer Yug moved on to the Professional Private model, wherein the company started catering to the IT vendors of e-waste, computer hardware vendors, and electronics vendors. This way, Computer Yug, in the past decade, has targeted a total strength of 600 partners across India.

Another thread of this 6-Win Strategy is “PRAAN VAAYU” under which they handshake their engagements with NGOs across PAN India envisaging the vision of a green tomorrow. The project operates with the guideline of collecting e-waste from societies or corporates through appointed NGOs. As a part of Computer Yug CSR activity an amount of the useful material would be given to the NGOs involved and the rest goes for recycling. As a part of the campaign Company had recently donated 11 Laptops to ANNI Foundation, a rehabilitation centre based out of Thana Maharashtra. And 3 Desktops to The Little Shine Foundation, based out of Bandra West Mumbai.

Society contributing to the campaign are also beneficiary of this program as they would in return of their contribution (through NGO) avail tangible or intangible benefits from the company. "Maintenance' an offer under which the entire maintenance of the society is
borne by Computer Yug is the most appreciable and welcomed move by the NGOs and their connected society.

The six beneficiaries of this 6-Win strategy are NGOs (through `PRAAN VAAYU', the society, recyclers, the environment, the swadeshi movement and the Company itself.

Computer yug has the latest and most advanced machinery to segregate wastes up to 16 individual compounds

Offering Complete E-Waste Segregation Solutions
The best feature of E-waste is that except Mercury, all compounds are recyclable. Computer Yug has the latest and most advanced machinery to segregate wastes up to 16 individual compounds, for instance, copper steel, aluminum, and so forth. The individual compounds such as crude Copper or Aluminum, for instance, are then shipped over to various industries as per individual industrial needs. Through this offering, Computer Yug is massively contributing towards the `Made in India' (Swadeshi) vision by delivering crude raw material to local industries at cheap rates, and thus, reducing the import dependency of several Indian industries. In a nutshell, Computer Yug provides complete solutions right from the segregation of individual raw materials to boxing and delivery of the raw materials to the clients.

At the moment, Computer Yug is targeting to operate two recycling facilities. The first one is located 40kms from Ahmedabad named ever-green e waste recycling, with a total capacity of 12000 metric tons spread over 1 lakh Sq Feet. The second setup is located in the Maharashtra, Gujarat border with a total area of 10000 Sq Feet and with a total capacity of 800 to 1000 metric tons in next few months. Founder of Computer Yug Mr. Nirav Raval has a vision to start 1 factory in each state of India to reduce cost of the raw material for other manufacturers and give strength to "Swadeshi production" in next 5 to 7 years.

On A Mission To Channelized The Informal E-Waste Sector
India has approximately 400 industrial units involved in recycling work. Out of which 250 of them are merely collection centres, which brings the total down to just approximately 150 units involved in the actual recycling process. This is where Computer Yug's Founder Nirav Raval sees immense potential for improvement. During the recent interaction with the Editorial Team, Nirav Raval revealed his plans to deploy a factory working on a similar PPP model across all the states of India down the line. The idea is to clean up the informal sector and get people motivated to act towards cleaning the environment by incentivizing e-waste contributions. He has written a book named "Praan Vaayu" on the issues and solutions to save environment not to solve but to distribute as gift to NGOs and the person who is helping in this mission.