Dasaradha Gude: A Self- made Serial Entrepreneur with Midas Touch

Dasaradha Gude,Chairman & CEO

Dasaradha Gude

Chairman & CEO

Relishing the fresh breeze, sunshine and the folk songs of women working on the village field, resolving individual disputes, chasing government officials for sanctioning funds and brainstorming ways to revolutionize agriculture - this would've been the typical day of Dasaradha R. Gude, Chairman & CEO, INVECAS, if technology hadn't stolen his heart. Born to an exemplary conscientious village chief, who strived for the wellness of his village Machavaram, GD (as the industry fondly calls Gude Dasaradha) kick started his entrepreneurial journey immediately after graduation in the spirit of elevating the lives of his fellow people by creating more jobs.

Quarter century later, it is the same unremitting aspiration that saw him playing a pioneering role in introducing VLSI design technologies to India.

A serial entrepreneur in the truest sense, everything he touches turns into gold, right from Cute Solutions (acquired by ATI
technologies), Virtual IP Group, Qualcore Logic, Pacific Semiconductors (acquired by Faraday), Ineda Systems, and So Ctronics to INVECAS. His efforts have been honoured with several recognitions including Game Changers in Indian Technology Industry by Times of India, Best-Run Company Award by HYSEA and as the organizing chair of VLSI conference in 2006 & 2008 among many other achievements.

Strongly advocating for transparency commitment and work ethics. GD does not believe in taking shortcuts for the sake of monetary gains

Always in Entrepreneurial Mode
Any self-made entrepreneur starting a company from scratch had to face the daunting task of gathering finance and reaffirming the potential of the idea with market assessment. GD's incredible track record and innate aptitude in building relationships helped him to move beyond these generic problems. He went ahead to build India's first highly profitable IP startup. Though his proficiency in demystifying technology complexities keeps GD far ahead of his competition, it is still a challenge. Strongly advocating for transparency, commitment and work ethics, GD does n't believe in taking shortcuts for the sake of monetary gains.
"Building relationships, trust and credibility with clients, employees and vendors requires hefty ground work. Taking shortcuts will ruin your reputation and credibility. Your top priority and only purpose should be the company. You can either spend time for your family or many families at your company that depend on you," advices GD for emerging entrepreneurs. GD feels being in entrepreneurial mode for 24/7 is his strength and weakness at the same time. "I do my best to spend time with my family. But I'm not sure if I'm doing justice,"- wonders GD. Though he has sacrificed certain moments of personal life for work, always been a great source of support for him.

Holding Roots & Aiming for Sky
Committed to develop world class companies based in India, GD aims to augment people's strength of INVECAS (which has offices in Vermont, California, Hyderabad & Bangalore) here to 85 percent from 80 percent. The company already has more than 200 people dedicated just for IP development. With an ambitious task growing the headcount to 1000, INVECAS is gearing up to generate over $100 million in revenue whilst opening multiple new offices across the world in the next couple of years.

Despite being the backbone of future economy, the unique VLSI industry has an extremely high entry barrier. Realizing the industry's dire need, GD is striving to build a robust& transparent ecosystem, where not only the government but everyone helps each other out.