Debarya Dutta: Unlocking Talent & Elevating Success with AI Precision

Debarya Dutta ,  Founder & CEO

Debarya Dutta

Founder & CEO

In today’s competitive job market, the need for AI-enabled talent assessment and acquisition firms has surged. Traditional talent assessment methods often fall short of providing comprehensive and accurate insights into candidates’ skills and potential. With the increased demand for skilled professionals, AI enables efficient candidate sourcing, screening, and selection. However, challenges arise, such as ensuring unbiased algorithms, maintaining the human touch, and managing the rapid advancements of AI technology. To navigate these challenges successfully, a competent leader is vital in an AI-enabled talent assessment firm. They can drive innovation, adapt to changing industry trends, ensure ethical practices, and strike a balance between automation and human interaction through a deep understanding of AI. One such leader is Debarya Dutta.

Debarya, armed with a bachelor’s degree in economics, embarked on the entrepreneurial journey with the establishment of Upraised while pursuing post-graduation studies. This endeavor required a significant sacrifice, as Debarya had to discontinue the post graduation program to undertake a substantial government project for his firm. Although a risk at the time, it proved to be a rewarding decision when Debarya secured an opportunity to join a curated program for esteemed entrepreneurs from across the globe, facilitated by the Stanford School of Business. This experience provided valuable insights into areas of focus and highlighted the importance of continuous learning. For Debarya, personal growth, and development surpass the significance of degrees, as learning serves as a true defining factor.

Currently, the CEO and Founder of Upraised, Debarya aims to help mitigate the hassle of acquiring suitable talent for firms and startups. “During my internships at Panasonic and Byju’s, where I worked in marketing and HR capacities, I gained valuable insights into identifying gaps, market demands, and pain points. One prominent issue that companies face is the challenge of allocating sufficient time to evaluate candidates, leading to numerous mishires. Recognizing the significance of assessing cognitive and practical skills prior
to hiring, I conceived the idea of developing an automated module leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. This module would empower companies to efficiently evaluate potential candidates and make informed decisions. By providing such a solution, I aim to bridge the gap between employers and qualified individuals while streamlining the hiring process”, informs Debarya.

Based out of Kolkata - City of Joy, Upraised is an AI-enabled talent assessment and acquisition platform that leverages cognitive and aptitude evaluations of candidates to map the candidates to the job roles. “Our ML algorithm revolutionizes the recruitment process by seamlessly analyzing individual profiles and job requirements. With its intelligent capabilities, it automatically assigns suitable projects, ensuring candidates engage in assignments that align with their strengths. This streamlined approach enables candidates to thrive in an environment conducive to their professional growth while simultaneously progressing through the recruitment pipeline. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, the algorithm goes beyond project allocation, grading, and mapping each candidate based on their performance, skill set, and long-term compatibility with the job profile. By incorporating this advanced technology, we enhance sustainability and efficiency in the hiring process, facilitating optimal matches between employers and candidates”, adds Debarya.

The key to success lies in embracing change, fostering a culture of continuous learning, & relentlessly pursuing innovation

Debarya firmly adheres to the belief that knowledge flourishes through sharing. Embracing this philosophy, he willingly divulges his personal triumphs, setbacks, and valuable lessons, aspiring to empower numerous individuals and shield them from repeating his past mistakes. Engaging in mentorship endeavors and delivering impactful public speaking engagements, he extends his expertise to colleges, universities, and prestigious platforms like NASCOM. With a dedication to guiding and enlightening others, Debarya strives to cultivate a generation of individuals equipped with the wisdom gained from his own experiences and aims to foster a culture of growth and collective learning.

The Essential Pause for Balance
“In the quest for equilibrium between professional and personal life, there exists a vital mantra: Pause. Embarking on this journey, I realized the essence of pausing, a momentary respite to indulge in activities that bring joy. While the majority of time is devoted to professional pursuits, it is imperative to recalibrate the scales. Thus, from the inception of my career, I ardently advocated for taking a break, a moment to step back, unwind, reflect, and subsequently forge ahead. Indeed, life can be like a race, however even in a relay, participants halt to replenish themselves”, asserts Debarya.

Insights for Future Leaders
Sharing his insights for young entrepreneurs who aspire to become leaders in the future, Debarya asserts, “Failure is not to be feared, but embraced, for it serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Taking risks, despite the uncertainty, opens doors to remarkable rewards. Bigger risks often yield greater achievements. Mistakes, too, hold invaluable lessons within them. They provide opportunities for reflection, evaluation, and refinement. Embracing our mistakes fosters resilience, adaptability, and wisdom. Failure is not a dead end but a stepping stone towards success.”