Deltasys E-Forming: Breaking Down the Barriers to Promote the Adoption of 3D Printing

Virendra Kadam, CO-Founder & CEO, Deltasys E-Forming,Murlidhar Sutar, Co-Founder & CTO, Deltasys E-Forming

Virendra Kadam, CO-Founder & CEO, Deltasys E-Forming

Murlidhar Sutar, Co-Founder & CTO, Deltasys E-Forming

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D Printing is an innovative technology that crafts objects, offering a plethora of opportunities in the production, design, and performance of novel architectural forms, construction systems, and materials. Emerging asa ground breaking, pioneering, and dynamic industry, the 3D printing market is expected to reach a value of USD 63.46 billion by 2026, demonstrating a CAGR of 30%. Positioned as one of the trailblazers of such an agile industry, Deltasys E-Forming is involved in the manufacturing of 3D printing machines and providing engineering services about additive manufacturing. With a dedicated plant located at udyambag, Belgaum, Karnataka, having present plant capacity of manufacturing any variant of machines, the company is equipped with world class infrastructure to provide complete production of 3D Printing solutions and break down the barriers to promote the adoption of 3D Printing.

Deltasys E-Forming is engaged in the design, develop and manufacture of purpose built 3d printers. "The first machine which we made was using the material we picked it from the scrapyard. Since then, within three years till now, we have 14000 Square Feet of Manufacturing plant with all needed infrastructure such as CNC Machineries, CNC Laser machinery Fabrication Unit, Assembly Unit, Painting Booth and Testing Unit. Now our all-manufacturing Procedures are certified by ISO 9001:2015 and approved by NSIC as OEM. To date we have installed more than Five Hundred 500 3D printing machines all across India and even in Australia, Canada and the Middle East," says Virendra Kadam, Co-Founder & CEO, Deltasys E-Forming.

Providing Reliable, Robust And Consistent Working Machines
Having impeccable infrastructure with a Research and Development team of engineers, designers and scientists Deltasys E-Forming has all allied machinery and inhouse fabrication experts."We make all kind of 3D printing machines such as Concrete 3D printers, Pellet extrusion 3D printers, Big FDM, High performance FDM, DLP 3D printer for Jewelry and Dental Applications, Clay 3D printer and Composite 3D printers. In Concrete 3D printer we have e-Builder Small and e-Builder Large 3D printer from small Lab scale to the big machine which can make G+ 4 Structures and we make all these machines. Even we make robotic arm concrete as well as pellet 3D printers. We make pellet printer of any big size which uses plastic granules instead of filament and print the material at the rate of 20 to 40 Kg/Hour whereas conventional 3D printers print at the
rate of Max 30 to 150 Gram/Hour. This machine is applicable in making big patterns, Molds and parts. Recently we have made one Boat pattern for Indian Navy supplier company," states Murlidhar Sutar, Co-Founder & CTO, Deltasys E-Forming.

Deltasys E Forming Commitment Is To Deliver Robust, Reliable And Consistent Working 3d Printers To Industries Across The World

Manufacturing various sizes of machines that support various materials and size ranges from small format 250 cubic mm to large format 2000 cubic mm, the company aims to provide reliable, robust and consistent working machines to its customer. The state-of-art machine shop of Deltasys E-Forming includes CNC Machining and Turning centers, CNC Laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication, welding, assembly shop, paint shop and other allied infrastructure. "There are four types ofcustomers for 3D printing. The first kind is the industrial buyer who purchases for inhouse applications, second one is Service bureau who use it for Job Work, the third one is Educational and Research Labs for R&D and Education, and Fourth one is Hobbyist who use it for their personal interest, often preferring Chinese low cost machines. We mostly cater to the first Three i.e. Industrial, Service bureau and Educational and Research labs. Recently we have launched small desktop 3D printer named as e-maker which is easy to use and affordable for all professionals and hobbyist," quotes Virendra Kadam.

Advancing Towards The Future
With year-on-Year growth of more than 600%, both founders aim to make Deltasys E-Forming bigger and spread across all seven continents. The company even started AMWAVE INSTITUTE OF ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING in collaboration with educational trust Suraj Foundation, which is involved in providing consultancy and learning tools about additive manufacturing. AMWAVE is now committed to spreading awareness and building an ecosystem for additive manufacturing across multiple industries in the country."As the line goes 'Identity creates action', in the same way, all our actions are aligned towards our goal. Working on various contemporary technologies, currently we are developing a Binder jet system for Sand and Metal. This will be India's first Binder Jet 3D printing system. Our main goal is to excel in Composite, Concrete and High performance 3D printing," concludes, Virendra Kadam.

Key Attributes of Deltasys E-Forming:
•provide 3D Printer sales and services to all the major cities of India
•Provide premium 3D designing Servicesand design for Additive manufacturing services
•cater to many industries such as Construction, Oil and Gas Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive Naval & Foundry