digiDZN: Walking in the Shoes of its Clients & Their Customers

Sangeeta Verma, Founder Over the recent years, the digital marketing space has not only grown by leaps and bounds, but also ingrained in almost all verticals of business as well as the people involved. Even back in 2014, this market was on a roller coaster ride wherein a swarm of incredible innovations and companies tasted success. In fact, 2014 was a game changing year for digiDZN a leading digital marketing agency at Delhi established by Sangeeta Verma(Founder). When Sangeeta’s husband unveiled an online platform, both of them were in the lookout for a dedicated team or an agency that could address and handle their digital marketing endeavours. But to their surprise they identified a huge gap across these firms in terms of comprehending the nuances of a digital marketing project, devising solutions and implementing them.

Having pursued MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management along with numerous digital marketing courses (offline & online), Sangeeta decided to bridge this gap by establishing her own digital marketing agency digiDZN in 2015. She initially sought help from her friends who worked from home on content & design but later increased the workforce (currently 20+) as she undertook many projects from outside and the demand for quality works spikedup. Today digiDZN stands tall as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Delhi offering excellent, tailormade digital services branding and creative graphic designing to its clients.

A Persevering Journey
It is no easy feat for one to become anentrepreneur! Despite being a homemaker on sabbatical for almost six years Sangeeta was extremely resolute to start her entrepreneurial journey. With unparalleled competency, grit determination and people management skills, she successfully managed to not only take digiDZN to newer heights, but also personally been a wonderful mother to her kids. digiDZN holds a spectrum of fortes across its DNA from day-1 till today firstly being a bootstrapped firm. Post overcoming a stream of challenges, the firm stream lined its focus onto serving small & medium enterprises as they were entailed with lower risks and higher scope of business expansion as compared to the behemoths. Sangeeta articulates “We adhere to a process driven approach that involves
taking due inputs from our clients and coming-up with the right service for them, at the most affordable pricing”. With service offerings already at affordable prices digiDZN says no to any proposal that compromises on profitability that it budgeted for. This way, the company intends to achieve an overall growth for its clients and not just offer a piecemeal development to them.

digiDZN intends to achieve an overall growth for its clients and not just offer a piecemeal development to them

Under digital marketing, digiDZN ensures to provide its clients with brand awareness and sales while delivering useful and comprehensible information to their intended end customers. The company achieves this through regular content creation so that whenever a customer is making a purchase decision, he/she should consider choosing the client’s brand and attain some value from the purchase. With a prime goal to enhance the clients’sales, digiDZN creates respective content for top of the funnel customers who haven’t decided on their purchase yet, middle of the funnel customers who are researching on what to buy, and bottom of the funnel customers who will be making a purchase very soon. Digital Marketing entails fleet of services such as Social Media Marketing SEO (Technical On Page & Off Page), Website Development, e-Commerce Marketplace Management Campaigns Management and Content Writing. It also leverages the power of paid tools to serve the clients better.

The Growth Story
So far digiDZN has experienced an organic growth gradual but robust in the beginning and then at warp speed. With a headcount that almost doubled during the last year the company aims to double it even further in the coming year, while attributing this growth to repeat business and multiple references from its existing client base. Sangeeta adds,“Since last two years, we have been working with a manufacturer of food wrapping paper and the journey has been amazing. We successfully managed to educate people on this brand’s works as people were deploying unhygienic methods for wrapping food”.

Even in the future digiDZN aims to constantly augment its client base, while regularly training its current team of website developers, content writers, social media experts and SEO experts that hold a collective experience of 60+ years and 40+ years do¬main experience.

To stay abreast of the ever evolving digital marketing landscape digiDZN assures to have a strong command on its basics by reading on what is happening, understanding them, comparing the results and incorporating the ones that can make a significant difference. Besides the company also hones its knowledge base through information across platforms like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, while educating its clients to have realistic expectations with respect to digital marketing. In the next three years, digiDZN envisions acquiring 100+ clients, 50+ employees three online products and an organic growth without accepting funds from external investors. Sangeeta concludes “We aim to expand our offices while seamlessly moulding our suite of products & services as per the emerging needs of the market”.

Sangeeta outshines as a persevering entrepreneur and well updated business leader who ensures that processes are predefined for even the smallest of endeavours at digiDZN.

Quick Facts:
•Inception Year: 2015
•Office: New Delhi
•Services: Social Media Marketing, SEO, Website Development, e-Commerce Marketplace Management, Campaign Management & Content Writing