Dr. Mita Sarkar: An Innovator in Early Learning Excellence

  Dr. Mita Sarkar,   Founder Director

Dr. Mita Sarkar

Founder Director

The current market landscape for early childhood education is marked by a growing awareness of its pivotal role. With increased parental awareness of the critical importance of early education, the industry is witnessing a surge in diverse methodologies and innovative approaches. Key players prioritize safety, innovation, and holistic development. However, Preschool leaders in India grapple with challenges like inadequate infrastructure, a shortage of qualified teachers regulatory complexities, and the need for culturally relevant, updated curriculum. Dr. Mita Sarkar, visionary Founder Director of Daisy Montessori Preschool and Daycare since 2017, spearheads transformative strides in Indian preschool education. Prioritizing safety she secures funds for robust infrastructure, ensures compliance, and fosters parental engagement. Her dynamic leadership addresses challenges through innovative curriculum, teacher training, and streamlined regulatory processes, positioning Daisy Montessori at the forefront of quality early childhood education and development in Bangalore, India.

An accomplished professional, Dr. Mita Sarkar, an alumna of IIT Delhi holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Arkansas, USA. As she transitioned from a successful corporate career to establishing Daisy Montessori School in Bangalore, her background in child psychology and Montessori education and certifications enriched the school's approach. Despite the challenges of motherhood, she maintained a thriving corporate career before starting Daisy. Under her guidance, Daisy Montessori earned accolades like ‘Top 10 Most Promising Preschool and Daycare in Bangalore – 2017’ and the ‘Education Excellence Award 2023’, solidifying its position as a beacon of quality early childhood education.

Pioneer in Early Childhood Education & Development
Daisy Montessori Preschool and Daycare, led by Dr. Mita Sarkar, provides a comprehensive suite of early childhood education and childcare services. "The school ensures a secure and nurturing environment by
prioritizing safety, health, and hygiene. Daisy Montessori provides live CCTV camera access to parents to monitor their children. Embracing holistic development, Daisy Montessori employs an age-appropriate, experiential learning curriculum, fostering cognitive, social, emotional, and motor skills", shares Dr. Mita Sarkar, Founder Director. Actively involving parents through open communication and workshops, the school integrates community engagement and adheres to regulatory standards. Innovative methodologies, including hands-on experiences and outdoor learning spaces, seamlessly incorporate science, technology, mathematics, and art. Project-based learning, field trips, and interactive storytelling enhance cognitive and social development. Committed to extending inclusive education strategies, she emphasizes on differentiated teaching, diverse materials, and Individual Educational Plans.

Dr. Mita Sarkar, a visionary leader transforming early childhood education, prioritizing safety, innovation, & holistic development with unwavering dedication

Dr. Mita Sarkar's leadership at Daisy Montessori School encompasses unique selling propositions that distinguish the institution in early childhood education. Her commitment to holistic development and experiential learning, rooted in Montessori principles, sets the school apart. Proactive parental involvement, community engagement, and regulatory compliance showcase a dedication to comprehensive education. Fostering a culture of continuous professional development, she is creating a harmonious ecosystem for children, educators, and caregivers. These factors collectively position Daisy Montessori as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of preschool education.

At Daisy Montessori, Dr. Mita Sarkar ensures the excellence of her teaching staff through comprehensive measures. This includes orientation sessions for new teachers, mentorship programs, continuous professional development with workshops, in-house training focusing on critical aspects of early childhood education, regular class observations, and providing access to diverse educational resources for an enriched classroom experience. The school's commitment to nurturing educators aligns with its goal of providing exceptional and innovative early childhood education and development.

In the last seven years, Dr. Mita Sarkar has built a solid foundation for Daisy Montessori. Now, her vision is to extend Daisy Montessori services across Pan India through its franchise partnership. Her roadmap includes continuous innovation in curriculum, embracing technology judiciously, and expanding community partnerships. Dedicated to promoting inclusive education,she is fostering parental engagement and actively participating in advocacy for policy enhancements to ensure the sustained growth and impact of Daisy Montessori School in shaping the next generation of learners.