Dr. S.N. Bansal: Setting Benchmarks as an Exceptional Government Approved Valuer

Dr. S.N. Bansal,Government Approved Valuer, L & Q Surveys

Dr. S.N. Bansal

Government Approved Valuer, L & Q Surveys

Natural resources are backbone of the nation. Land is one of the basic natural resources of any economy. Proper land utilization is the key for optimum utilization of other productive resources. Increase in population pressure, both human and live stock, has resulted in improper land utilization along with the ignorance of human being regarding potential of this valuable resource.

These, and several other factors are already implicitly reflected in valuation process and visible factors such as sunlight, daylight, rainfall geology, economic, social, noise sound and vocational factors are measurable or experienced in such a way that their effect is reflected on the property transactions and prices. Under these circumstances real estate industry is facing a real threat due to land value degradation irrespective of the increasing land prices in the last two decades. Estimating the value of real estate is necessary for a variety of endeavors, including financing, sales listing, investment analysis, property insurance, and taxation.

Dr. S.N.Bansal is a renowned personality in the field of project feasibility, Land Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Physical Surveys, Alignment Surveys, Conservation Surveys, Restoration Surveys, Building Surveys, Remote Sensing Surveys, Natural Resources Surveys, Loss Surveys, Quantity Surveys, Demarcation Surveys, Road Surveys and Traffic & Transport Planner of Govt. of Delhi. He is a Valuation Expert of Finance Instution, Bank(s), Public Under Taking, Govt. Bodies for Wealth Tax, Income Tax, Capital Gain,
Guarantee, Visa, Fair Market Value & Loan Purpose. Dr. Bansal has conducted several Financial Analysis for Infrastructure Project of Govt. Bodies. Also, he is the author of a number of articles on Valuation related Problems and spoken on stage on Valuation Alied fields like Circle Rate Decided by the Govt.of Delhi, Land Acquisition, Land Compensation, Land Valuation including Preparation of Notification Land Acquisition Notification for Govt. of Delhi. Dr. Bansal has also been an expert panelist on various TV Channels on various issue related to Real Estate sectors and regular writers of articles on leading newspapers.

Dr. Bansal has conducted several financial analysis for infrastructure project of govt. Bodies

Dr.S. N. Bansal is Government Registered Valuer (CBDT) on panel of various Banks, HUDCO, RITES, Metro, Delhi High Court etc. Also, he is appointed as Loss Surveyors & Assessor to Government of India, and acted as examiner of Institution of Surveyor, author of various articles and publication of different issues relates to development & valuation. Most importantly, Dr. Bansal is Vice President of the Institution of Government Approved Valuer(India). Also member of The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor(U.K.).

Dr. Bansal is double Chartered Engineer, M.Tech(Highway & Transportation Engineering) and M. Tech (Transportation Engineering), Graduate Civil Engineer with the highest certification of the Institute of Surveyors in Building & Quantity Survey. Dr. BANSAL also has experience working in a number of projects like Urban Expressway, Delhi (NCR) Metro Rail, Delhi (DMRC), Universities, DSIDC, Delhi Relocation of Industries, Golf Course (8 numbers) within NCR zone and experience of number of power plants projects strengthening & widening, rehabilitation, improvement, flyovers etc. on National

Highways, Major Arterial Highways and Expressway including designing of Flyovers, Under Passes, F.O.B., Subways, Grade Separator & Elevated Corridor of Outer Ring Road, Delhi. He has also handled Conservation of heritage buildings & historical places/forts.

Having gathered such extensive experience with a resume that almost overwhelms oneself, Dr. Bansal offers training to coming New Valuers, Publication, Webinar, Seminar, Work shops, Lecture, etc. Also, he has often been welcomed as the property expert of NCR, on TV Channels like Delhi Aaj Tak, Aaj Tak, Samachar Plus. His articles & interviews continue to be publication in leading daily news papers.