Dry Chem India: The Go-To Manufacturing & Construction Product Partner for Businesses

Kaushal Mehta,  Managing Director

Kaushal Mehta

Managing Director

Excelling in the marketplace is commendable, but ascending to the ranks of industry leadership and earning recognition as the 'Best Company to Work For' represents a pinnacle of success. Drychem India stands tall in this elite category. As a premier manufacturer in the construction sphere and the third-largest producer of wall putty nationwide, the company's expertise in material sciences has been consistently acknowledged. With a steadfast mission to drive positive transformation within the industry, Drychem champions the creation of reliable, innovative, and sustainable products and services. Since its inception in the 1980s, the company has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing construction solutions through extensive research, stringent quality control and exceptional manufacturing practices. The company's diverse product range, encompassing wall putty, tile adhesives, leveling solutions, structural solutions, coatings, master mix, and beyond, underscores its dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. With Drychem, businesses not only gain a supplier but a trusted partner committed to building a stronger, more innovative future.

The company operates 25 manufacturing facilities across the country and has NABL-certified R&D labs equipped with advanced testing equipment that meet international standards, making it a certified company as per ISO 9001:2015. Drychem places great importance on benchmarking manufacturing processes and operational excellence, which enables the company to provide highquality materials to 23 countries worldwide. Moreover, sustainability and profitable growth are ingrained in the company's DNA, and it works closely with communities near its plants. Through strategic partnerships, Drychem even supports education initiatives for girl children.

The Bonafide Work Culture

As a company, Drychem bases its organizational culture on five core values - integrity, collaboration, innovation, commitment, and operational excellence. As the only organized player in this sector, the company understands the requirements of corporate culture and can meet their expectations. Thus, corporate customers can benefit from specialized products without having to manufacture them themselves, as well as services such as training, packaging choices, and support in supply chain management.

“In the contemporary business realm, the role of a dedicated and empowered workforce stretches well beyond conventional contributions. At Drychem India, we have observed that employees who are given the tools to succeed often take greater ownership of their responsi-bilities, which in turn elevates their engagement levels. This
heightened engagement fosters a culture of innovation where fresh ideas and superior products or services naturally emerge. Moreover, when the workforce is aligned with the company's core mission and values, it cultivates an environment ripe for collaboration and mutual support. This kind of culture not only leads to enhanced teamwork and knowledge sharing but also ensures continual learning and development”, says Kaushal Mehta, Managing Director, Drychem India.

The Growth & Development Specifics

Drychem is committed to maintaining a positive work culture through strategic HR initiatives, which include comprehensive leadership development programs, consistent employee recognition, and a feedback system that values transparency. Drychem India implements various programs and initiatives to boost internal talent, groom future leaders, managers, and keep them motivated, and they comprise Leadership Development Programs, Emerging Leaders (EL) Programs, Management Trainee Programs, Performance-based Promotions, Continuous Learning Initiatives, Recognition & Rewards and Employee Engagement Activities. By implementing these programs and initiatives, the company aims to cultivate a talent pipeline, groom future leaders, and keep employees motivated and engaged throughout their careers within the organization.

As a company, Drychem bases its organi-zational culture on five core values - integrity, collaboration, innovation, commitment, & operational excellence

The effectiveness of the company hiring process lies in its strategic approach to recruitment, which seeks to align potential candidates with the company's core values and culture. This alignment ensures that new hires are not only adept at their roles but also share a mutual commitment to the principles and goals of the organization. By focusing on this cultural fit, the company maintains a cohesive and dynamic workforce that contributes positively to the company's overall success.

Drychem India provides its employees with a comprehensive range of perks and benefits,including health insurance, training & development programs, wellness programs, on-site amenities, employee recognition programs, and social activities and events. The company prioritizes work flexibility, inclusivity, and transparent feedback mechanisms to create a dynamic workplace where employees thrive. Flexible work arrangements and remote work options empower employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Furthermore, the company's ongoing efforts to retain talent, including competitive compensation, work life balance initiatives, and continuous professional development, reflect its commitment to employee satis-faction and well-being. Other initiatives, such as leadership development programs and practices that promote diversity and inclusion, are also central to its strategy. These efforts ensure that all employees have the chance to contribute meaningfully and feel an integral part of the broader Drychem India family, which is essential for maintaining a low attrition rate in a competitive industry. These factors make the company an attractive employer for individuals looking to grow and succeed in the manufacturing and construction product industry.

Future Roadmap

As Drychem India continues to progress, several areas will be its key priorities, where developing the workforce through learning and growth opportunities remains paramount. Initiatives to promote collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being are top priorities as they bolster engagement and productivity. Here, technology will also play an important role in promoting good workflow, supporting remote work, and ultimately making project management and teamwork more efficient.

To attract top industry talent and encourage long-term retention, Drychem India is also set to evaluate its compensation and benefits structure while implementing new recognition programs. The company’s vision is to be an exemplary employer where a diverse, talented team is empowered to excel and propel its business forward. It believes that when people are enabled to achieve their full potential each day, both individual and organizational success will follow.