Edustems: Completely Customized Education Management Solution

Sameer Tejuja,Co-Founder, Edustems

Sameer Tejuja

Co-Founder, Edustems

Edustems is recognized as the only SaaS Software as a Service platforms offering completely customized solutions for educational institutions. Customized admission forms to leaving certificates, Curriculum management and evaluation to report generation and advanced analytics, Edustems manages it all. In over four years of operation, the company has built a strong customer base in digital infrastructure and learning. The Founder of Edustems, Sameer Tejuja remarks, "We're well equipped and have the expertise to handle challenges in localization of institutional needs within a group of institutions, like chain schools, and standardization of group processes. With over 45 completely customizable modules, we currently help institutions with over 150,000 students and add more to our family each year."

One-Of-A-Kind Offerings
Edustems [] is an all encompassing platform with modules that are customized for every requirement or the institutions can opt for their standardized implementation of the modules. The brand offers AI based analytical approach to education management including but not limited to Teacher training, video streaming, e-library, exams handling and management, Report card management, Admission forms, GD Grading, and others. What's different about Edustems is not just the features and complexity but also the ability to adapt and deliver to expectations.

Head Quartered in Mumbai,and with offices in Pune and Chennai, Edustems is unique with its approach of unlimited customization with no additional costs. All new modules available to each institution again at no extra cost, and customer service which understands, respects, and builds with the domain rather than in an office."Imagine if at the start of the year you knew your entire tech cost and every thing was included within it, wouldn't that be a fantastic feeling. No other platform does this ONLY EDUSTEMS," he mentions.

Edustems charges an extremely nominal price per student (less than the cost of 1 cup of coffee) per year. At such an affordable cost and with no other investments required, institutions takeaway a customized, state-of-the-art award winning platform, unlimited changes during the year, no financial risk, all features and functionalities, no hidden costs, and more. "We very often get asked how can we afford this and what's the catch. We can
afford this because we have spent time, effort, and energy on the architecture of our platform, which is unique to us. Also,our pricing is completely transparent with no Gold, Silver or Platinum packs. Everything is included in the price indicated, with complete data privacy contracted as part of our agreement. Our clients rely on our delivery and expertise. At Edustems, client satisfaction is not just a mantra it's our reason for success," Sameer shares.

Growth Plans
The founder exclaims, "We have been fortunate to continue to grow year on year. Covid-19 has made life difficult in terms of work from home support capabilities, but we have sailed through successfully and are now looking to expand into new markets and grow further. The pandemic has made us realize that there are areas of education that are yet unexplored, and improvements in digital infrastructure must be continuous. With that in mind, we in the coming year are going deeper in the space of education with Demy A platform to manage Early Childhood Development and MeLearn A skill development training company."

With the core focus on improving the quality of education edustems leverages its analytical capabilities to add value right from the first month of implemen tation at every institution

In the last year and a half PreSchools, Creches, and even Kindergarten schools have lost clients as people didn't see the value of online education. Demy by Edustems is looking to create value in childhood development by giving institutions and parents the right tools to assess, correct and manage Early Childhood development with ascertain able and achievable objectives.

MeLearn, our skill development foray, is slated for launch next year where an entire team will be training students and teachers on skill development, and instructor lead teachings will help students build the skills needed for a more successful future. Adding expertise of skill, especially in the formative years helps students be better prepared for the future and building and developing those areas is specifically what MeLearn will focus on.

Sameer reveals, "For Edustems our growth roadmap continues in terms of feature and capability building. We are creating a more robust and analytical student management mechanism to understand how a student absorbs knowledge, the factors that influence this area, and how with structuring and with the right inputs, students can learn their curriculum better. We're also growing in our training capabilities, where our teachers are aided with data on what's working and where the student needs better explanations, analytical tracking, reporting, management, enrollments, curricular management, and compliances, and of course fee forecasting and others. We will be shortly launching an Alumni module, for our college institutions, where ex students can review projects of the colleges and can post jobs and recruit directly by seeing resumes resulting in brand loyalty and faster and more targeted hiring.

We live in a dynamic world, and the most important part of being in the education industry is the ability to learn. We do that at Edustems every day."