Envipro Group: Cultivating Eco-Leaders through Training Institute for Sustainable Solutions

  M S Ashwath Narayana,   Managing Director

M S Ashwath Narayana

Managing Director

Environment consultants play a pivotal role in addressing contemporary environmental challenges, offering expertise to industries and governments. Current trends see a growing focus on sustainable practices, renewable energy integration, and circular economy strategies. Climate change adaptation and mitigation remain prominent concerns, driving the demand for innovative solutions. However, gaps exist in bridging scientific knowledge with practical implementation, navigating complex regulations, and ensuring inclusivity in environmental decision making. The market seeks consultants who can harmonize technology, policy, and stakeholder engagement to foster a more resilient and ecologically balanced future. Since its establishment in the early 2010s, Envipro Group has stood out as an innovative leader, committed to tackling the gaps and obstacles in environmental clearance services within the mining, industry, and construction sectors. With a comprehensive approach, the group introduced advanced laboratory services encompassing air quality and noise level monitoring, emissions analysis from industrial sources, light intensity assessment, and water quality evaluations.

Positioned as both a consultancy and a laboratory entity, Envipro adeptly navigated evolving regulations set by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in India. Focusing primarily on Karnataka, the group completed over 1700 projects related to securing clearances for mining and construction endeavors, as well as around 15-20 industry projects. Notably, a retention rate exceeding 95 percent underscores the client-centric ethos, as long-standing partnerships endure and new ones thrive, attributing their

sustainability to Envipro's enduring commitment and expert guidance.

Elevating Environmental Solutions with Expertise
In the realm of environmental consultancy, Envipro Group has emerged as a beacon of both comfort and cost-effectiveness for various projects, particularly within Karnataka. This strategic advantage has not only attracted business within the state but has also extended its influence to neighboring regions like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Fueled by linguistic familiarity and an extensive workload, the group's services are rendered at a competitive cost, distinguishing them from competitors. Notably, their practice of exclusively hiring and training fresh graduates has become a hallmark, functioning as a training ground and contributing to the workforce while instilling market know-how. “We aim to satisfy our customers through our range of services. Our professional, methodical, cordial, and creative approach toward our services has gained us global clients from all walks of life. We are conceited of the fact that our wide range of services has brought in a drastic increase in the business for many of our clients”, speaks M S Ashwath Narayan, Managing Director, Envipro Group.

Through our unwavering commitment to training & innovation, we are shaping the future of environmental solutions

Envipro Group, comprising Envipro Solutions, Envipro Laboratories, and Ashwath Technical Services were founded by Ashwath Narayana M S. With 30+ years of experience in the Iron & Steel Industry, Building Services, and Oil & Gas Industry across India and Oman. He leads a team of skilled engineers, chemists draughtsmen, and technicians. A member of esteemed bodies like the Indian Water Works Association, Institution of Public Health Engineers, Indian Association for Environment Management and more, Ashwath Narayana holds a postgraduate degree in environmental engineering and diplomas in management and industrial safety.

Futuristic Innovation for Sustainability
Looking towards the horizon, Envipro Group envisions an ambitious future roadmap that embraces innovation, expansion, and enhanced sustainability. With a steadfast commitment to staying at the forefront of environmental consultancy, the group plans to further augment its service portfolio, incorporating cutting edge technologies to provide holistic solutions for complex challenges. This entails the establishment of a state-of-the art training institute, nurturing the next generation of environmental professionals adept in wastewater treatment, water quality assessment, and laboratory analysis. “Our forthcoming training institute aims to fill the industry's void, equipping aspirants with practical skills in waste water treatment plant operations, water quality assessment, and laboratory analysis. As the saying goes, 'Empowering the next generation leads to lasting impact’”, speaks M S Ashwath Narayan.