Epicor Software: Community, Stewardship & Growth

Suresh Prabhu , VP & MD Rich Murr, CIO

Suresh Prabhu

VP & MD Rich Murr, CIO

The Epicor Software office in India, located in Bangalore, is a melting pot of diligent and engaged professionals serving various business functions. However, what binds everyone together is the company’s ‘1 Epicor’ focus in delivering success for Epicor customers globally. A core global site for the cloud solution provider, the Epicor India Office employs over 500 employees, each of whom serve as a critical part of almost all platform modernization projects and initiatives across the entire company. The company counts its employees as critical assets that have a direct impact on customers’ experience with its products. “We have every business function present at the site, and this allows for a higher degree of collaboration and learning for our employees,” says Suresh Prabhu, VP & MD, Epicor Software India.

Catering to mid-market companies across various industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services, Epicor offers employees the opportunity to work on cutting edge problems for varying clients. Empowering its employees through exposure across various fields and technology domains, the company ensures that every professional receives opportunities to grow and learn by encouraging them to move roles internally, participate in development opportunities and work with products to learn more about business.

While Epicor Software is a global company and part of the larger tech community, the leadership team puts a strong emphasis on building a local community within its India site. With strong values of community, stewardship and growth at its core, Epicor Software acts as an ally for its clients and employees alike.

Digital + Human Recruitment
They say a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, hiring the right talent is crucial for any organization’s success. Epicor undertakes a unique approach to hiring that amalgamates technology with human hiring to ensure that every factor is considered before a hiring decision is made. An early adopter of artificial intelligence within talent acquisition, Epicor has bench marked over 300,000 previous hiring decisions to build algorithms that can accurately grade initial applications. This process has resulted in saving ample recruiter time.

Kavitha Nagarajan,
Director - Human Resources

Once AI has helped (together with tools such as HackerRank to test technical skills plus Criteria Corp to establish the cognitive and behavioral DNA of candidates), recruiters look at a candidate’s communication skills and EQ as well. “Balancing digital recruitment with human recruitment, we hire professionals based on their communication skills and EQ, not just IQ,” explains Kavitha Nagarajan, Director - Human Resources, Epicor Software India. The recruitment
team at Epicor India specifically looks for candidates who demonstrate low ego, great problem solving skills and accountability.

Supportive & Collaborative Work Environs
Because the market is today at war for the same top talent, Epicor is committed to providing employees the opportunity to learn and work with cutting-edge technology and tools. By virtue of its tech-first service portfolio, Epicor works with the most advanced technologies. The company thus attracts employees who are interested in getting their hands on these technologies and learning how they can use them to innovate. Whether it’s scaling cloud solutions across the globe, crafting useful AI tools, or integrating IoT into its products, Epicor has no shortage of interesting work for its employees to wrap their hands around. The company also works hard to foster a collaborative, collegial environment, which enables the firm to not only attract, but retain smart and talented employees.

Rich Murr,CIO

The Epicor India Leadership Team strives to cultivate an environment where employees feel comfortable yet productive. “I think we have one of the most accessible, approachable leadership teams in the industry. It’s a trait we value and foster because we believe this approach delivers a high return for our employees and customers,” says Rich Murr, CIO, Epicor Software. Irrespective of their contribution levels, every employee has a voice and has an impact on the ongoing work. This approach makes the workforce feel valued and respected. It also allows them to gauge their role in driving the Epicor strategy forward.
On any given day, it’s not unusual to see managers and employees having hallway conversations, conversing over a cup of chai, or partnering to solve technical challenges on a whiteboard. The company works hard to encourage honest dialogue between managers and individual contributors, and new employees often comment about how surprised and appreciative they are about the connectivity they have with management.

Whether it’s scaling cloud solutions across the globe, crafting useful AI tools, or integrating IoT into its products, Epicor has no shortage of interesting work for its employees to wrap their hands around.

Safe Work Atmosphere & Opportunity for All
In addition to ensuring its employees’ professional growth, Epicor also lays emphasis on rendering a safe and comfortable workspace to each employee. The company’s facilities comply with global standards, providing a consistent experience to all employees across any office space in the world. Strictly adhering to local laws and global company guidelines, Epicor ensures a Whether it’s scaling cloud solutions across the globe, crafting useful AI tools, or integrating IoT into its products, Epicor has no shortage of interesting work for its employees to wrap their hands around healthy and safe working environment for its employees. “This includes awareness/policy/process on workplace etiquette, workplace harassment, safety & security and dress code, among others,” explains Kavitha.

For its female employees, the company renders flexibility and maternity benefits to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance. Every female employee working in shifts is also provided with transport and security while commuting to and from the office. Other than putting in place a strong ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment’ policy and an internal complaints committee, Epicor also conducts workshops on workplace etiquettes and prevention of harassment.

Committed to being an equal opportunity employer, Epicor ensures equal employment opportunity for individuals regardless of age, gender, race, religion, marital status, color, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, characteristics, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any legally protected category not noted here. Moving forth with a single-minded focus on growth for its employees and clients alike, Epicor is certainly a great company to work for.

CSR Initiatives
Epicor India is also committed to serving the community and participates in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events throughout the year. Most recently, it supported Youth for Seva to help kids at government schools learn with more involvement. With 345 cumulative hours, Epicor India created 13 learning aids that will benefit primary school students learn basic language and math concepts.