Flutch: Harnessing the Value of Creative Marketing Avenues

 Sharath Dasari & Pradeep Patteti,    Co-FoundersThe emergence of influencer-led marketing initiatives has been a paradigm shift in traditional advertising practices. The industry’s prominence is attributed to its capability of promising higher ROI benefits, ability to help transition marketing strategies to meet client demands, and smart innovations. However, finding the right influencer marketing platform that is authentic and effective can be a daunting task for the brands. This is where Flutch steps in.

Based out of Bengaluru, Flutch is India's leading influencer marketing platform that brings brands and creators together to unleash the true potential of the creator economy. It stands as a pioneer, seamlessly blending tech powered influencer marketing and PR services, ensuring brands a stellar online presence.

Flutch is known to combat typical industry challenges by taking the burden off brands, making their innovative technology characterized by its transparency, seamless execution, and communication, an industry game-changer. The firm’s commitment to simplification and client-centric solutions distinguishes it as a trailblazing force in the field.

Maximum ROI
With a rich tapestry of services, the company's flagship offerings encompass Influencer Marketing, Public Relations, and Talent Management. These pillars of expertise collectively weave a vibrant
narrative of brand success, ensuring that clients experience the finest quality and continued effectiveness throughout the engagement and even after it for years to come. “We are trying to help creators monetize maximum through multiple avenues while also focusing on providing brands with the maximum ROI for their campaigns”, shares Pradeep Patteti, Co-Founder.

Flutch stands out in this segment by being completely transparent, showing upfront rates for influencers without hidden fees which in turn helps the company build trust. With a vast network of over 20,000 influencers covering various fields like beauty, lifestyle, tech, gaming, and finance, plus partnerships with 100+ publications, Flutch offers broad reach and relevance to clients. This wide network helps clients connect with a diverse audience.

Flutch also outshines competitors by being a firm that relies on data-driven strategies, giving clients an advantage in their influencer campaigns. Flutch strongly believes in the power of data and uses it to provide tailored influencer recommendations, emphasizing a data-driven approach for campaign success. The diverse market knowledge and ability to operate across different regions has rendered Flutch a strategic leader in the competitive influencer marketing landscape, while also enabling it to attract some extremely prominent clients including Flipkart, Iba Cosmetics, Tata Capital, Nykaa, Marico, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Croma, and Dabur among others.

Future Roadmap
Flutch came into being when Pradeep Patetti and Sharath Dasari - former college roommates, united their entrepreneurial vision. Recognizing the rising potential within the creator economy alongside a glaring market gap, a domain ripe for innovation, the duo embarked on an exciting journey. Empowered and fuelled by prior experiences within the marketing sector, the two were armed with invaluable insights, motivating them to sculpt an enterprise geared for impactful change. The fusion of creativity, business acumen, and foresight has steered the company ever since towards a trajectory of influence and growth within the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In the years to come, Flutch aims to enhance creator commerce, creating a thriving space where creators and brands collaborate effectively. The company plans to merge initiative for effective PR with strategy, enabling seamless brand stories and endless opportunities. Through continuous CRM innovation, the firm aims to ensure topnotch functionality and user experience. “Flutch's roadmap for the near future focuses on blending creativity and professionalism to lead a transformative journey in digital influence", says Sharath Dasari, Co-Founder. The team’s dedication to progress positions the company at the forefront of the field, navigating the realms of digital engagement and influence with excellence.