Fusion Eventz: Orchestrating End-to-End Event Services & Solutions of the Highest Calibre

SS Niranjan,  Founder, Chairman & CEO

SS Niranjan

Founder, Chairman & CEO

From employee support to teamwork retreats to a brand awareness product launch, putting together a social or corporate gathering of any kind can be stressful and perhaps overwhelming for everyone involved. A successful event requires event management, which is a set of skills that not everyone possesses. If one wishes to organize an unforgettable event, be it a personal event, corporate event or CSR event, one needs to be actually familiar with the actual importance of event management. Professional Event Management Company services provide the best event solutions, boosting the significance of the event.

Fusion Eventz is one such renowned event management company with 13 years of experience, operating since 2008. The firm's dynamic productions and creative departments are experts at conceptualizing,planning, organizing, and executing events with the highest quality and precision, whether it's an Annual General Meeting (AGM), a Seminar, a Conference, or a Town Hall Meeting. Fusion Eventz is based in Bangalore and has a fully fledged operating facility throughout south India via crew, associates, and inhouse production. The firm is staffed by skilled experts who are well organized in marketing teams, client servicing teams, creative teams, production teams, and technical teams, successfully spearheaded by two proficient Directors who ensure that each event adds value and delivers great results for the customers. The firm also employs advisors and consultants who contribute to the strategies and help Fusion Eventz expand consistently in the market.

“When it comes to organizing, planning, and carrying out all of our clients' conferences and trade shows, whether on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, we take pride in being a one stop agency to meet all of their needs and requirements”, says SS Niranjan, Founder, Chairman & CEO.
An Edge over the Others
The unique proposition of Fusion Eventz that differentiates it from its peers' service providers is its demonstrated history of working for more than a decade in the same industry. The firm has successfully conducted more than 3000 events thus far, handling events of various sizes and scales. Over the years the firm has learned the tropes and is well versed with every bit of events and every pulse of the client, executing the events in a better way. When a potential client approached the firm with a requirement, Fusion Eventz knows exactly what they need and ensures that it is delivered successfully without any delays. "We work at a very micro level, breaking down the requirement into bits and pieces, planning it, and then executing it. As a result, it has become more advantageous for us to deliver successful results and stand tall among the other peers in the market”, adds Archana DR, Board of Directors.

The unique proposition of Fusion Eventz that differentiates it from its peers' service providers is its demonstrated history of working for more than a decade in the same industry

The flagship offering of Fusion Eventz is that it is specialized in organizing major conferences, seminars, and very large scale events. Recently, the firm has done events for Deutsche Bank, Aero India, DHL, Plan Source and Greenway Health, and is currently doing events for companies called WEG Industries for approximately 3000- 4000 people. Fusion Eventz also does BTL activation events for corporations, assisting brands in promoting their products and services across the region in tier one, tier two, and tier three cities.

Journey of Excellence
Fusion Eventz commenced its journey in 2008 with a humble beginning conducting smallscale events limited to Bangalore. Over the years, the firm has grown steadily year-on-year basis while adding services, building the core team, and forming associations. Fusion Eventz has made a name for itself as a company capable of handling very large scale events involving 5000-10,000 people across South India by leveraging specific applications, tools, and processes. Fusion Eventz is ranked among the top ten event management companies in Karnataka and wishes to retain its position. The firm has garnered several awards and accolades in its journey owing to its unwavering dedication to achieving the highest standards of deliverance at all events. And, as it moves forward to the next level, Fusion Eventz is looking to expand in the north of India and gradually spread its footprint across the nation with its high-quality event services and event solutions.