Genesis Global School: A Staunch Education Leader Enabling Students to be Future Ready

David Brazeau,School Director

David Brazeau

School Director

Education catalyses an individual's conduct of life, be it shaping one's personality or defining one's approach to face the adversities of life and overcome the social stigmas. Over the years, the field has seen a sea change. In today's competitive world, the idea of education is not just to acquire degrees and monetary success in life but to aim at all embracive accomplishments. Helping the purpose serve rightly, many education leaders have emerged in the education industry and David Brazeau, Director, Genesis Global School(GGS)is one amongst such new age education leaders. Fundamentally laying the focus on textbook based education and academic know how, he strives to provide students something beyond the classroom emphasizing on holistic development and giving due consideration to their personality.

Education is a responsible act, and successful educational leaders are those who encourage students & staff not dwell on the fear of failure, instead take risks and successfully pursue their passion. Finding the right balance between the grade score and learning is very necessary to build an accomplishing future. Here at Genesis, we enable students to realize this by being an open minded guide on their side rather than a centre of attention acting as conductors and all knowing," asserts David. He is passionate about enabling young minds to grow and clinch their place in the world. He has extensive leadership experience of over 30 years working in the education sector leading International schools across the world. Qatar Canadian School, Canadian International School of Egypt, Pickering College Chelmsford Valley District Composite School, Ontario, and Banff Community High School, Alberta are amongst many of his noteworthy associations in this education leadership pur suit. He took over the Director role at GGS in the middle of 2019 and is embarking on a journey of ongoing and purposeful school improvement, since then.

Spread across a 30-acre campus, Genesis Global School(GGS)Noida, is a top-tier day cum residential school in the immediate vicinity of Delhi. Aiming to nurture resilient holistic, empathetic & lifelong learners in a multi cultural environment GGS(a CIS member)has not only invested religiously in providing students with a world class infrastructure (that includes ergonomically designed classrooms, boarding houses,
multiple sports arenas and dedicated performing & visual arts spaces), but also in procuring its resources(educators)and establishing good students, parents & teachers relationship. The academic curriculum followed here is International Baccalaureate and CBSE where in 1400 students are actively enrolled. For the boarding facilities, it has accommodation for 300 students who are served with modern and well serviced rooms with private washrooms & shower facilities.

A Distinctive Approach Beyond The Classroom
David says,"Young people will find their way in the world, there's no doubt. But living in a world where much of the emphasis is levied on achieving grades, the students often give in to the unhealthy pressure (of society & family for recognition and to the university & colleges for meeting admission requirements)and sadly they aren't left with any energy or time to participate in other co-curricular activities or pursue a passion or arts with the same commitment. The education system needs to address such issues with parental understanding & support and this is something that segregates GGS from other schools. In addition to strong academics, students here are encouraged and expected to be engaged in beyond the classroom activities like sports, arts and service. There is a wide variety of activities hosted in very well developed and purpose built facilities".

Real innovation rises from students & staff who feel comfortable and supported by the highest levels of administration

Out-of-box approach and resultant innovations are possible only when students & staff are supported by the highest levels of administration. The students and staff at GGS have done some amazing work over the past 18 months. Besides maintaining the highest academic standard in the most challenging time of Covid, they have provided extensive support and service to the community at large in a variety of ways. To a name a few would be mental health workshops, counselling sessions for students & parents, food drive by the parent company and a vaccination drive for the staff.

Expansion Plans Of The Current Pedagogy
Learning never stops so continued learning, updating of skills and professional development is a cornerstone philosophy at GGS. Here, the teachers are engaged in ongoing professional development every week and the best practices are shared amongst the teachers. The culture of sharing & collegial visits has been developing over the past two years improved teaching practices are clearly evident in the classroom and are reflected in improved student achievement. The highest score in IB this year was 44/45 and the CBSE top result were also of pretty high standards. These are the clear indications of the success of the programmes at GGS. All measures of success are trending in the right direction and our Principals & School Administrators and Teachers are to be commended for their efforts and focus on improved teaching practices. Certainly, one positive thing that will come out of the recent pandemic is a level of comfort with technology in the classroom, and an awareness of the many outstanding resources available to enhance learning.