Hawkeye Parking: Determined to Carve Its Identity Across the Commercial Parking Industry to Solve Parking Issues

Ajay Masur,Co-Founder & CEO

Ajay Masur

Co-Founder & CEO

Owing to the rising population and increase in the number of vehicles on the road, parking has emerged as a major concern for present day commuters. While the government has come up with many innovative solutions such as road enlargement and construction of metros to solve this tangled matter pertaining to traffic issues but the problem beneath disorderly parking is still a significant issue. Creating a lot of excitement in the Parking Industry in India and world wide, HawkEye Parking is determined to carve its identity across the commercial platform to solve parking issues in the current Parking Industry. HawkEye Smart Parking is an application launched by a Mumbai based startup JAAN Innovations in 2018 and is completely based on IoT, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning Technology. Providing superior customer service and a smooth parking experience throughout the Parking Industry, HawkEye has emerged as the first of its kind Platform in the world, which uses low cost IP Cameras as sensors.

End-To-End Parking Management Solutions
To improve the conventional parking experience, HawkEye a future proof parking solution introduced by Jaan Innovations, comes with a whole new solution for Smart Parking Management System using proprietary algorithms for various decision making. HawkEye has been recognized, for not only its ‘Technology' but also for its Flexible & Customisable Workflow, LowOperational Cost, High Reliability, and Improved Customer Service to provide End-To-End Parking Management Solutions. "Getting real time access to data is a primary driver of innovation in the parking field. Being able to capture insights, process them, and derive data driven patterns from them is a major benefit that Hawkeye offers to its users,"shares Ajay Masur, Co-Founder & CEO, Hawkeye Parking.

JAAN Innovations is a highly focused organization on Smart Parking Management Systems and is serving in all market segments such as Smart Cities, Healthcare Customers, Corporate Parking, Pay & Park, and Entry & Exit Automation. "For smart cities, we engage in monitoring On Street & Off Street parking on the same platform, Easy and Effective On Street Parking Solution, providing Multi Level Car Parking (MLCP) which saves space, solutions to connect multiple external devices (such as, Boom-Barriers, LED Display Boards, Smart TVs, and more) and access parking information, anytime & anywhere. For corporate parking, we ensure Access parking information via Cloud based platform, vehicle guidance system for drivers, connect to corporate ERP systems via API, connect to multiple external devices (such as, Boom Barriers, LED Display Boards, Smart TVs, and more), Blacklist and White list of vehicles with ANPR System. Under our innovative Pay & Park segment, we have ensured multiple payment options anytime & anywhere, through end-to-end parking management solutions. Valet Parking is one of our major lines of business for healthcare and Hospitality markets, via which we offer automated Valet Parking Service with valet operator's web app and driver's mobile app. Under the vertical of Entry & Exit Automation, we offer ANPR based solution suitable for Residential Societies and Large Warehouses that connects to any existing Automatic BoomBarrier," shares Nikhil Joshi, Co-Founder and CIO of JAAN Innovations.

On The Way To Future
The HawkEye architecture incorporates
several technologies like image processing for determining real time slot occupancy using lowcost IPCameras, and for easy deployment and cost savings, wired and wireless cameras or wired/wireless sensors are used. The platform's USP is its proprietary technique for estimating parking occupancy using a low-cost camera, where a single camera can analyze the image of many cars parked in parking spaces. While its traditional parking system tracks vehicles with expensive cameras for Number Plate Recognition (NPR), HawkEye Platform, on the other hand, uses low cost cameras to convert images to text using its proprietary algorithms. Highlighting his future plans, Jayant Deo, JAAN COO, quotes, "Our Roadmap consists of long term plans, which would be considered on both Technology and Sales & Marketing front. On the Technology side, as per the current situation of COVID-19, we are planning to add features, assisting both parking operators and consumers. This includes, face with mask recognition, vehicle color and make & model determination and the use of drones, in place of fixed cameras. On the market expansion side, we are majorly focusing on Smart City projects and Pay & Park segments, which requires greater attention as per the increased parking concern across the globe. Working with numerous hospitals and multi speciality clinics, it will be a good idea to include Smart valet as a New automated feature in Smart Parking Application, because Smart Valet is a necessity for many parking provi ders/operators/customers."

Key Attributes of Hawk Eye Parking:
•ANPR-Automatic Number(orLicense)Plate Recognition
•Valet Parking for healthcare and Hospitality markets
•Determining the type of Vehicle, Occupancy Detection
•Guiding Assistance for Vehicle drivers
•Real time invoking of Security features like ‘Show My Car' while it's parked
•Cloud based S/W Service(SAAS)
•Integration of Email and SMS Gateway
•Availability of Open APIs for integration with ERPs (Facility Management, HRMS, Website or Mobile App)
•Web App for Parking Management and Mobile Application Support

Ajay Masur, Co-Founder & CEO, Hawkeye Parking
Ajay is a highly motivated, acclaimed in Technology space and entrepreneurial approach having experience with varied sectors such as IT, Power, Renewable Energy and Real Estate. He has worked with several global companies like Motorola, Infosys, Hirco and last with NCO Financial Services as their Global CIO. He has managed several projects and received awards and accolades during his career spanning over 30 years.

Jayant Deo, Co-Founder & COO, Hawkeye Parking
Jayant has brought inspired leadership to all the companies he worked with in the last 30 years, starting with Philips Motorola TRT Siemens Huawei and for the last 10 years, RAD. He has held Business Head and CEO positions taking care of projects and revenues as high as $100 Mn. His value creation techniques and sharp focus in sales and marketing have provided growth to the enterprises. He's strong in leading-edge telecom technologies and keeps himself on the edge of fitness by exploring many adventure activities in nature.

Nikhil Joshi, Co-Founder & CIO, Hawkeye Parking
He is a passionate and successful entrepreneur with over 30 years' experience in running technology companies like Phillips, with primary focus on Embedded Technology. He has an expertise in the complete life cycle of high technology systems and has consulted and worked with various companies worldwide. A Rank Holder throughout his academic career, Nikhil holds a B.E. degree & has done special courses from IIM-A and Stanford University.